LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Fernando Valenzuela on Saturday was inducted into the inaugural class of the Legends of Dodger Baseball.

The Dodgers legend said the induction was a “great honor” and a new plaque was unveiled in his honor during the ceremony.

Valenzuela, a left-handed pitcher, helped to win the World Series in 1981 – with catcher Mike Scioscia.

“The one thing about Fernando was that he’s always accountable and he is always accountable. If he would lose a game, he didn’t point fingers,” Scioscia said.

Broadcasting legend Jaime Jarrin says when he first started calling Dodger games, Latino attendance was in the single digit. Now, it’s approaching 50 percent, and it all started when Valenzuela was 19 years old.

Valenzuela credited his success to his fans.

“They show up today and enjoying the game, especially when the team is winning, first place, you know… good entertainment,” he said.


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