VENICE (CBSLA)  —  Police chased a man wearing a green wig and Halloween mask and then threatened to use a Taser on him on the sands of Venice Beach.

Police Chase Joker?

It’s one of those “Only in Los Angeles” stories.

The bizarre chase started in Orange County just before 3 p.m. with the man spotted riding on the sunroof of a BMW.

The chase lasted for about an hour making its way to Venice Beach.

Minutes later the masked man (looked like a clown) got out of the car and started taking a stroll down the beach. The man was not wearing floppy shoes.

(credit: CBS)

Officers kept their distance but kept an eye on the man. So did beachgoers who started to gather around the man (he was, after all ,wearing a green wig and a mask), cheer him on, get high-fives and applaud.

Dozens of people followed the masked man towards the water’s edge and many recorded the bizarre encounter with police on their cellphones.

(credit: CBS)

Police arrested him on the sand after threatening to Tase him. He took off his shirt and went to his knees and was arrested without further incident.

After the chase, authorities said they observed the man driving recklessly in Orange County.

CBS2/KCAL9 reporter Cristy Fajardo spoke to witnesses who said the man was dressed like the Joker from “Batman.”

It was unclear what happened to the passenger who at some point was steering the car when the driver popped through the sunroof to wildly wave to passersby. The police told City News Service the passenger was not facing arrest.



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