(CBS Local)– Jimmi Simpson is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood.

He’s played one of the McPoyle twins on “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, been a leading man on Broadway for an Aaron Sorkin play, and hacked his way into some of the biggest databases in the world in “House Of Cards.” Simpson has come a long way since he was living with his friend and fellow Always Sunny colleague Charlie Day.

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“We are tight buddies and we lived together in New York City and moved to LA,” said Simpson in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “YouTube didn’t exist, but I had my camcorder and we’d make videos. We did that for years and they are ridiculous. I am at my weirdest in that stuff. I was just so willing to be ugly and there were no stakes there. We would sit there and watch them and invite friends over. That is where I got my first sea legs. It was the practice of seeing yourself and seeing what you do well and don’t do well.”

Simpson is the co-star of a new show called “Perpetual Grace” on Epix alongside Jacki Weaver and Sir Ben Kingsley. While the Stephen Conrad produced show has been an enjoyable experience, nothing has been more important to Simpson’s career or life than his time on Netflix’s “House Of Cards.”

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“I had gone through some personal stuff and I had to start over again,” said Simpson. “I was in a bit of a slump… that role came along and I was so out of touch that I hadn’t seen the show. I did the read and it was mediocre at best. I left thinking I wish I could’ve shown up for it more. I got a call from my manager a few days later and they said they wanted me to come back. I did better and I got the part. It gave me the little bit of encouragement I needed to keep working my ass off.”

One of the most memorable hits for Simpson in his career was playing Lyle The Intern on Late Night With David Letterman. Simpson still isn’t sold that Letterman actually knows he is a real actor.

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“At that point I had done some Always Sunny In Philadelphias,” said Simpson. “The writers of the Letterman show were talking about this off-putting kid who is working for the Letterman show. I couldn’t believe that they wanted me to do that. Letterman was so tickled by it and I think I did it a dozen times. Each time it was new and Dave would come up with stuff that wasn’t scripted. I don’t think David Letterman is aware of me as an actor.”