MURRIETA (CBSLA) — Many people whose homes were damaged in Monday’s natural gas explosion that killed one and injured 15 spent the night in a Red Cross shelter, unsure of when they would be able to go home.

Evacuees waited for updates on when they would be able to return home at a Red Cross Shelter at Vista Murrieta High School (CBSLA)

There were more than a dozen evacuees inside the shelter at Vista Murrieta High School gym waiting for an update on when they would be able to return to their homes — some of which sustained a good amount of damage as debris from that explosion scattered throughout the area.

“My garage door is pretty damaged,” Cherish Robinson, who lives near where the explosion happened, said. “There was a lot of debris and stuff. I don’t know if it was maybe from the roof or from what blew up, but it’s a lot of debris.”

Her younger sister’s ears were still ringing from the blast, and Robinson said she can still see images in her head of the victims she tried to help, including the most badly injured.

“I hear everyone screaming and yelling outside,” she said. “So I got up really quick and went outside, and everybody was saying to grab towels, so I grabbed towels and my phone and called 911.”

In other homes, the explosion knocked down picture frames, cracked windows and scattered debris across their yards.

“We just hugged each other and we prayed that nobody got hurt,” another neighbor said. “But it turned out that somebody got hurt.”

Those who live closest to the explosion were told that inspectors will have to go their homes to assess the extent of the damage.

In the meantime, some planned to stay at the gym while others were about to stay with family and friends and some booked rooms at nearby hotels.