ANAHEIM (CBSLA) — Disneyland visitors are noticing something a little unusual at the popular theme park — wait times for many rides are less than 30 minutes.

The tea cup ride, usually bursting with people, is not even close to full on a recent day. (CBSLA)

“It seems like there’s not as many people,” one visitor said. “We’ve been able to get on and off without even the fast pass.”

For some visitors, the cost was to blame for the apparent lack of people. Others thought maybe they just lucked out in timing their trip just after the park’s Fourth of July celebration. And some believed the area’s recent earthquakes were keeping the crowd’s away.

“It might have scared people out of here, I don’t know,” park visitor Sydnie Gustke said. “It jolted us a little bit.”

But Disney said the park isn’t quieter at all, stating that the shorter lines and wait times were intentional.

“We are incredibly focused on delivering a great guest experience for the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge,” a statement from Disneyland said. “This land has added 20% more capacity to Disneyland Park.”

Disneyland visitors have reported smaller crowds and shorter wait times since Star Wars: Galaxy Edge opened. (CBSLA)

A Disney spokesperson told CBS2 that now is a great time to visit the park.

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  1. Jim Wagner says:

    I wish I could tell you about how awful this corporation treats its employees. It is a profit-driven multinational corporation that barely pays employees starvation wages; many are homeless, some sleep in cars. Enjoy your day in the Happiest Place on Earth.

  2. Bob Smith says:

    Disney is satanic.

  3. Clay L. Herbert says:

    AT Disney in FL a Toddler was dragged into water and killed by a gator. No danger signs! No barriers! Disney will NEVER see our money!

  4. Chris M says:

    Is this simply public backlash against the perception that THE LAST JEDI turned Star Wars into a faux SJW utopia? I’d love to visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge; however, I don’t want to pay $100 to visit a place only to be preached at with dogmatic sociopolitical messages by Disney creators.

  5. Disneyland became unaffordable years ago!

  6. While I have always loved Disneyland since childhood, I am not a fan of Disney/ABC politics and over the top gay-centric policies and management (I’m not anti-gay, just against making everything about being gay), along with generally poor treatment of employees. But the lower attendance right now might simply be due to the fact that the major attraction in Galaxy’s Edge is not yet open. People are simply not willing to spend all that money for half of the experience.

  7. Tammy Tisher says:

    Savages having family brawls sure doesn’t help matters….The clientele is why I won’t go.

  8. Besides, who wants to witness another rubble in the jungle by some of the most resent guest. Certainly not the Disneyland I remember from the ’70’s. Shame

  9. Tom Woodward says:

    Disney’s new Motto “The most Slap-Happiest Place in the World”

  10. Dan Shaw says:

    Hey KCAL, why no attribution to those you used video and voice from their YouTube videos? It’s not right to use someone’s work without their permission or at least giving them credit/renumeration.

  11. Saw this on Drudge. Went to for more real California news.

  12. Bud Baker says:

    Maybe more people would come if they charged more,

  13. Smaller crowds, eh? I wonder if the ridiculously high admission price + extras has anything to do with it? DUH!!!!!!

  14. Erinn Tinsman says:

    4th of July weekend at Disneyland was crazy busy so I’m sure the hype is why. Though, peak months are $149 for a single day so price is likely the reason as well. Maybe Galaxy’s Edge fell short or a SoCal discount disappearing is the reason. Maybe people would rather wait until peak months end because the park hours are virtually the same now, who knows!

  15. LT (@seivk) says:

    Pride parades will keep families away.

  16. Ryan Hulbert says:

    Be nice if when you use a youtuber’s video that you would give them creidt for it!!! “Adam The Woo”

  17. Big Mama says:

    The prices the wait..the people ..FORGEDABOUTIT…a fools game

  18. When your company centers around making the lives of children happier and you suddenly come out as an advocate for killing babies…yeah, that’s a turn off for me.

  19. Steve Sisa says:

    Disney died with Walt.

  20. Nota Socialist says:

    The recent CHIMP outbreak and there week long LGBTQ outreaches aren’t doing them any favors…

  21. Shane Preston says:

    Good. Disney = Pedo Nightmare…

  22. Thom Merklin says:

    Disney is a cesspool of debauchery and filth! From ABC TV Network to the incredibly political ESPN… I encourage everyone to go elsewhere… Disgusting what they have become!

  23. Matt Wooten says:

    Maybe give credit to adam the woo for stealing his content?

  24. #AdamTheWoo needs his credit

  25. Pamela L Speakman says:

    It was all intentional to keep the crowds lighter. But the big question is where is the credit for the empty tea cup picture and video and voice over by Adam The Woo, YouTube vlogger? That was his clip and his voice. Not cool, CBS.

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