ANAHEIM (CBSLA) — A makeshift memorial has been set up outside the entrance to Angel Stadium as fans came to pay their respects to pitcher Tyler Skaggs, who was found unresponsive earlier today in a hotel room in Dallas.

Angels memorabilia, stuffed animals and flowers make up a small part of the memorial outside Angel Stadium (CBSLA)

A banner with Skaggs’ name and number is illuminated above a gate (CBSLA)

“Something just told me to go out there, you know, pay your respects,” David Mendoza, one of many who drove out to the stadium, said. “I watched the guy pitch for so many years. He was one of my favorites.”

Mendoza, who was in the middle of trying to get plans ready for the Fourth of July holiday, said he dropped what he was doing to pay his respects.

A banner across the gate at home plate is now illuminated with Skaggs’ name and number as candles, balloons, posters and stuffed animals sit in front of the stadium, placed by fans mourning the loss of the 27-year-old pitcher.

“The guy that I met, shook his hand, talked to him; he signed my shoe and everything,” said one fan at Angel Stadium. “Now to know that he’s just gone and dead, that’s why this hurt so much, because not only was he an amazing player, he was an even better person.”

According to reports from the Los Angeles Times, Southlake Police Department indicated neither foul play nor suicide was suspected.

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  1. someone should have monitored his prescription drug intake, You can’t mix without consequences

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