LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The Southland is known for wild police pursuits, making them almost impossible for drivers to avoid.

California Highway Patrol is advising drivers on what to do when they are caught in the middle of an active police pursuit.

According to Officer Ramberto Salcido, drivers should never get involved in an on-going pursuit.

“If you see one coming from behind you, they’re probably going at a pretty good speed, probably moving faster than you are,” Salcido told CBSLA’s, Amy Johnson. “If you can move over to the right, I suggest you do and make sure to turn on your turn signal while you’re doing it. If they’re coming really close, we probably suggest just staying in your lane.  ”

Recently, there have been pursuits where suspects have opened fire at police, leaving innocent drivers caught in the middle. Salcido advised it is best to not get involved in the pursuit.

“A lot of people want to barricade or box-in the suspect, or maybe run up to them and give them a handshake, just don’t get involved. You don’t know what that person is wanted for or what he’s capable of.”

According to Salcido, if the driver in a pursuit leaves their vehicle and tries to get into your car, it is best to raise your windows, call 911, and pull away if you can.

The CHP said it is important to be alert if you encounter a pursuit.

They ask that you turn down the radio and crack your windows so you can hear if officers are giving instructions.