Ammunition, ammogeddon, prop 63 ‘Ammogeddon:’ Gun Owners Flock To Stores Before Prop 63 Takes Effect – CBS Los Angeles

LAGUNA NIGUEL (CBSLA) — The countdown is on for what’s being called “Ammogeddon.”

At On Target Range in Laguna Niguel, a clock blinks with each passing second until Prop 63, requiring background checks for ammunition purchases in California, goes into effect July 1. The law was overwhelmingly passed by voters in 2016.

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The governor and attorney general have reaffirmed the state’s commitment to enforce the law. But some gun enthusiasts say they’re confused about what will happen come next Monday, when the new system is implemented.

“Am I going to be put on a watch list? Does it matter how much ammo I buy?” one man asked.

On Target Owner Gregg Bouslog says he’s doing his best to educate customers amid a rush to buy ammunition.

“You can buy a self-registration for $19 …. You can come in here and we will do that for you,” he explained. “That’s $19. That puts you in the system. But each time after that you have to pay $1 to buy ammunition,” he said, referring to a processing fee for each purchase if a customer is in the system as an approved buyer.

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Still, Bouslog says, no one really knows how long customers might have to wait to be cleared. The software to run the background checks hasn’t arrived yet.

“Right now we’re told — just an hour ago — that the software to do this process is supposed to be available at 7:00 Monday morning. I have no training. I have no idea what it looks like,” he explained.

The new law aims to weed out felons and owners of illegal weapons. However, some are skeptical.

“The only people that you can really scrutinize are law-abiding citizens,” said gun owner Ralph Perovano. “We are the only ones that have lived in the community any length of time and it’s very easy to find if we have a criminal record or not.”

There is no limit on much ammunition a person can buy under the new law; however, purchasers must have a valid California ID so no one from out-of-state will be able to buy ammunition in California.

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There is one exception, however: if you go to places like On Target to use the gun range, you will be able to get ammunition on the spot.