LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — If you’ve ever wondered if Instagram can hear your conversations after seeing an advertisement for something you’ve only talked about, you’re not alone.

The head of Instagram is now insisting that any rumors of the app eavesdropping on conversations are simply not true.

Instagram’s Adam Mosseri sat down with CBS This Morning’s Gayle King to explain how Instagram ads show up on feeds.

“One is dumb luck…the second is you might be talking about something because it’s top of mind; because you’ve been interacting with that kind of content more recently,” Mosseri explained.

According to cyber experts, online users are data-mined on almost everything they post, share, like, and search for online.

Google reportedly has trackers on 76% of websites, while Facebook monitors 23% of sites.

Mosseri insists that Instagram is not spying on users and that listening to conversations is problematic for many different reasons.


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