PALMDALE (CBSLA) — This mama seems to be smarter than the average bear after showing up in another Southern California suburb twice in as many weeks.

A mother bear and her cub that were found roaming the streets of Palmdale Sunday, tranquilized and relocated for a second time, according to a post from a California Department of Fish and Wildlife warden. There were no injuries.

The pair are the same mama and cub duo who confronted a dog and its owner in a Sierra Madre yard last week. The owner was scratched, but not badly injured, and officials determined the adult bear’s actions were normal behavior because her cub was in the area during the confrontation.

After the Sierra Madre confrontation, the bears were tranquilized and relocated back into the Angeles National Forest, but they still managed to find their way into populated areas on the other side of the massive forested area.

  1. Alan Plattsburgh says:

    Actually that was the third sighting.

    They spent Friday a.m. through Saturday a.m. at a friend’s home in a remote section of Llano. They cooled off in the pool and jacuzzi, toured the property, napped under juniper bushes and spent the night in a tree. They contacted the authorities, who ID’d the mom’s tag number (recently put in her ear) as the one that was put on the bear from Sierra Madre. They were going to pick them up Saturday morning, but the pair had already moved on. The bears were good guests and they got lots of adorable photos and videos (from inside the house, of course).

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