WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA)  —  A large pack of coyote pups is touching off a debate in a Woodland Hills neighborhood.

This evening, the pack was seen in the backyard of one home. They’ve been spotted around the neighborhood in recent days.

CBS2/KCAL9’s Jeff Nguyen spoke to residents about their pup problem. Some see it as a bigger problem than others.

Tania Segal found the puppies’ mother dead in her backyard.

“I came down here and she was actually just across lying around here. Right there,” says Segal.

A video posted to the Nextdoor app – shows the pups running through a driveway – where children’s toys are visible.

People like Charley King have been on full alert when they’re out with their dogs.

“I have a horn with me because the coyotes are just in our neighborhood,” King says,”They are everywhere, wherever we go. I see them and I press the horn and it’s really loud. They run away.”

Neighbors say a number of family pets have been injured or killed recently – and they suspect the parents of the coyote pups are the culprits.

But the fact that the puppies’ mother was found dead – has been alarming to Kristi Dietz.

And she says she’s worried about some of the chatter on the Nextdoor app.

“All the people are saying let’s get a gun and go shoot them. Let’s poison them,” says Dietz.

And she’s concerned if the coyote that died was poisoned – what that might mean to her dogs if they stumble across the poison, as well.

“I love all animals. I don’t want my dogs hurt. But I don’t want the coyotes killed either because they’re a part of nature and part of the cycle of life,” Dietz says.

Nguyen reached out to the  Department of Fish and Wildlife for a comment but wasn’t able to reach anyone.


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