LAKEWOOD (CBSLA) — A home invasion in Lakewood Friday left the resident with welts on his back from being beaten with a baseball bat by the intruder.

The home invasion was reported at about 3:30 a.m. in the area of Iroquois and Palo Verde Avenues. The resident, Garrett Kinkade, told CBS2 exclusively that he woke up to find a strange man inside his home.

“Course I started shouting, screaming, top of my lungs, loud as I could,” Kinkade said. “The only people that did anything was two doors down, they were awake. They were the ones that called” the police.

Kinkade had at least one cut to an eyebrow and was left with welts on his back from being beaten by a baseball bat. However, he refused to be taken to a hospital.

Nothing was taken from home.


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