WEST COVINA (CBSLA) – The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is hoping someone recognizes two young men who are suspects in the killing of 18-year-old Dennis Bracamonte.

Cell phone video showed chaos as a crowd began running after a shooting occurred at a house party in West Covina Friday night, killing Bracamonte.

“This shouldn’t have happened.  They just wiped everything from us,” said Bracamonte’s grandmother Joanne Torres.

According to sheriff’s detectives, the shooting happened in the backyard of the house that had been rented out for the night through Airbnb.

The party was advertised on social media, with a flyer saying there would be an entry fee of $5.

According to neighbors they were selling NOS or Nitrous Oxide.

There were reportedly kids walking to the party, each of them with two balloons in each hand.

One of the suspects was seen on video footage wearing a backward red ball cap, while the second had a Raiders hat.

Detectives say up to 60 people were at the party at the time, so there were plenty of witnesses.

“Please come forward.  I hope the person that did it feels remorse.  And would come forward himself if anything.  And if he doesn’t I hope he’s caught and justice is served,” said Bracamonte’s aunt Joannette Garibay.


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