CALABASAS (CBSLA) — Cosmetics retailer Sephora says it will close all its stores across the country Wednesday for diversity training after singer SZA says she was racially profiled at the Calabasas location.

The store closure was announced just over a month after SZA tweeted that a Sephora employee in Calabasas called security to make sure she wasn’t stealing.

“We had a long talk. U have a blessed day Sandy,” SZA’s tweet said.

Sephora tweeted an apology to the singer and said they were taking the complaint seriously.

The cosmetics company says 16,000 employees will take part in workshops to help them understand its values.

Sephora’s decision to close its stores for diversity training follows in the footsteps of coffee giant Starbucks, which closed its stores last year for anti-bias training after an employee called the police on two black men having a business meeting.

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  1. John Oakman says:

    Idiot stores—Don’t they realize this is nothing but a shakedown.Stupid White people.

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