LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)  — As with any funeral, there were plenty of tears.

But this was a funeral for cows, pigs and chickens and they were depicted being killed in the way they provide food for many of us.

Animal Rights Day was observed in 35 cities around the world Sunday. In many places, including Los Angeles, people held mock “funerals” of the dead to illustrate the point.

“I get emotional because when I think of the abuse, you don’t think of it as abuse,” said  Lori Alan.

She told CBS2/KCAL9 reporter Greg Mills that she viewed the funeral as an awakening.

“Because we have to come together as a community and bring awareness to the rest of the humans on this planet,” Erickson said.

Many celebrities were involved in the LA event — namely Joaquin Phoenix and “Baywatch” star Donna D’Errico.

But they weren’t what was gathering all the attention down Beverly Boulevard — it was the bodies of the dead animals.

“Those we’re pretty shocking,” said Los Angeles resident Samantha Lieberman.

Many of the animal activists said they were banging the drum for those who have no voice.

“They’re just showing us what’s on our plates, truthfully,” said LA resident Martine Wolfe.

Those who marched did so quietly but there was nothing subtle about their message.

“That’s part of the shock factor. And all of the pictures they are showing are horrible, whether you eat meat or not, you can’t help.but try not to cry,” said Jesslyn Brundy.

It was an effective message and an impactful one for those who’ve gone vegan.

“It’s reality. People don’t realize what they are eating,” said vegan Adrianna Arrequin.

Mills wondered if the animal rights activists reached any meat-eaters out there.

“I get it. Like I wouldn’t eat a dog. Cows and pigs and chickens still have brains like them. They’re still pets,” said meat-eater Natalie Zaragoza.

Mills also asked the “funeral” organizer where the animals came from?

“We got them from places that raise animals for food, farms and places like that. And they died on their own,” said Aylam Orian.

He wanted to emphasize to Mills that none of the animals killed for the funeral were slaughtered for that purpose.

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    How about holding an ABORTED BABIES Day. Now that would be a good thing.

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