GRANADA HILLS (CBSLA) — A 6-year-old Granada Hills girl turned out to be a dog’s best friend when she rushed to save a neighbor’s small Bichon Frise from a coyote attack.

Little Alina Funk had woken up early Monday morning to the sound of the dog named Fluffy screaming and crying and went to her window to see what was happening.

“All I saw is like the coyote’s nose and then I saw the little doggie. That’s all I saw, mostly,” Alina said.

Alina’s mother and stepfather went to rescue the dog, who was brought inside and cared for by the pint-sized hero.

“She nurtured her, and just kind of made her feel comfortable around the house,” mom Claudia Funk said.

Fluffy suffered three bites from the two coyotes, but is expected to be OK. She has since been reunited with her family.

Neighbors say coyotes have been seen more frequently in the neighborhood lately, so small dogs and cats should be kept inside.

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  1. PETA and Project Coyote will be angry she deprived the coyotes of a meal.

  2. Mary Mote says:

    Sad that family pets cannot be in their fenced yards or on their own property and risk dying from a wild animal attack.. Coyotes do not belong in populated neighbohoods and should be removed.

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