SAN DIMAS (CBSLA) — The world’s most expensive coffee may leave some Southern Californians with the jitters – but not from the caffeine.

Klatch Coffee Roasters has procured 10 pounds of the exclusive Elida Natural Geisha coffee to split among its Southern California stores. At $1,200 a pound after roasting, each hot cup will cost a cool $75.

“I will definitely pay a premium, but $75 — probably not going to be happening for one cup,” customer Kevin Gandy said.

The unroasted coffee is imported from Panama and set a world record price of $803 per pound at the Best of Panama coffee competition. It’s available only from Klatch Coffee in North America.

The coffee company says Geisha is a rare variety of Arabica coffee that came to Panama from a research lab in Costa Rica, with origins in Ethiopia. It’s known for its floral, tea-like and stone fruit flavors.

CBS2 reporter Tina Patel, an self-described tea drinker, sampled a cup and agreed that the coffee tasted fruity, much like tea — before handing it off to a colleague.

The rare and expensive coffee will be available at Klatch locations in Redondo Beach, San Dimas, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, and LAX.

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  1. Vebop Duplenorf says:

    If you are paying $75 a cup you should at least get your name in the article. “Wow. Packs a punch” said Bob Smith, a customer.

  2. Donald Katty says:

    P.T. Barnum was right…”there’s a sucker born every minute”

  3. definitely worth it. Once in a lifetime coffee for coffee addicts like me. I may even make the drive to LAX to try a cup.

    1. When you p*ss it out you should save it in a sealed jar and put it up on the mantle. Make a great converation piece. You may even be able to offer the relatives a dropper full for a few bucks. Great return on your money, if suckership runs in the family.

  4. Only an idiot would pay $75 for a cup of coffee, some people are fooled so easy

    1. Luis Martinez says:

      moron,schmuck, stupid are also words that come to mind…

  5. At the end of the day the $75 cup of coffee tastes like … a cup of coffee.

    DING DING DING … nothing to see here folks, move along.

  6. Joey Smith says:

    Anyone ever heard of Indonesian luwak coffee?

  7. Jerry Snaper says:

    My pet goats put out what looks like roasted coffee beans, I havn’t tried using them yet but I hear there is an African tribe that makes a drink from them. Been giving them away as fertilizer but I could put them on ebay for about $30 a pound.

  8. Saul Hernandez says:

    the instagram selfie generation.

  9. Greg Kapphahn says:

    What is the big deal? A lot of people pay a lot more of that for a shot of whiskey.

  10. Russell Cunningham says:

    Haha! “One born every minute”!

  11. Peter Prime says:

    They need to do their research. This is not the most expensive cup of coffee in the world maybe in Southern California. BuzzFeedVideo Youtube channel “Is it worth it” series did coffee in Japan. 1,000 yen (about $914) for a cup of coffee.

  12. Corneilus Hugo says:

    You truly can not fix stupid and this proves it.

  13. I’ll put our Copey Costa Rica Coffee up against anything. Small farms average elevation 6,000 feet, any higher you grow apples. Great soil. wonderful taste. The best is maybe $15 per pound. The regular is fantastic and much cheaper.

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