SANTA MONICA (CBSLA) — They call him the nightmare neighbor.

“He keeps screaming and yelling. Threatening,” said Betty Oliver, 70, who lives next door to Mark Yaskoweak — the man who neighbors say has been screaming obscenities and threatening violence at all hours of the day and night for nearly a year.

The neighbors who live in a rent-controlled building across the street from the beach in Santa Monica say late last week his threats of violence escalated.

“He came running with a hammer to attack the nighttime security guard,” said Oliver.

Santa Monica police say the sheriff’s department has been trying to evict Yaskoweak for months, but he never comes out of his apartment long enough for them to make the arrest.

His neighbors say he has food delivered in boxes so he can stay inside indefinitely and now he’s leaving his trash in the hallway.

“Today he was screaming and yelling and now he put his trash out there. So I’m thinking of calling the health department,” said Oliver.

“My mental health is very fragile right now because of him. It gives me anxiety. I feel like he’s going to break in. I never know. He broke into the neighbor’s door. Broke the door down. So I don’t know,” Oliver continued.

Santa Monica police say they have a misdemeanor arrest warrant for Yaskoweak. But that does not give them the authority to force open the door.

“I’m scared. I’m scared to see him. I’m scared to run into him because he’s a big dude. So he’s scary,” said resident Anna Zito.

On Tuesday evening, building management will be holding a meeting with the folks who live in the building. They said they will have an attorney present to talk about where it stands right now. But it appears that as long as he stays inside his room and has food delivered, he could stay there indefinitely.

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  1. Sounds like Turrett’s syndrome.

    1. Giving jagoffs an excuse to be jagoffs just reinforces the jagoffery. Looks more like someone who never got a well-deserved beatdown. He knows enough to run away when someone comes after him ….

      1. Mark Wilhelm says:

        Al ,jag off? You gotta be from the Burgh.

  2. Markey Farrell says:

    Give him a lobotomy and a broom.

  3. Roger Fedor says:

    Have the police hide in an adjacent apartment, have a neighbor instigate and drag the guy out, then have the police come out and arrest him.

  4. Michael Sjøberg says:

    Rent control without control…isn’t socialism great?

  5. Meaw Mea says:

    do I hear a fire alarm?

  6. Maryann Lima says:

    Gimme a break, if he committed mass murders, they would let him stay there indefinitely? Yeah right. Just tell them he is a Trump supporter and he will be outta there in seconds!!

  7. David Olson says:

    Easy, shut of his electric, water and gas and take his food shipments.

  8. Start taking his food deliveries.
    Hunger is a great motivator.

  9. Max Roberts says:

    Go down to your local boxing/MMA gym. Hire a couple of guys to visit him…

  10. David Stevens says:

    Sounds like schizophrenia, and a dangerous case. Some intervention/investigation is needed. Now if he shoots someone the argument will be about gun control, not the fact that a dangerous psychotic was obviously going off the deep end and everyone knew it.

  11. Kurt Smith says:

    Trum Derangement Syndrome. Libs are so susceptible. It’s kinda sad.

  12. They need to invite some folks over from Wylie, TX.

    1. sammie515 says:

      I was thinking he needs some lead in his diet. lol

  13. Antonio Gambino says:

    Are there no men left in the USA?
    FFS… knock on the asshat’s door. Be cordial ….then give him the beat-down he needs.
    You “woke” loser cucks will never get anywhere with mommy talking, video, cookies, or hugs.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  14. Stevan Baker says:

    Rent control……the key word here. Why is the landlord made a slave to the residents. Without rent control the landlord would have an incentive to take action here. The cops as you see are a joke.

    1. John Gray says:

      My understanding is that it’s much more difficult in California to dislodge a tenant than in other states. I don’t think cutting off utilities is permitted.

  15. Jerry Walton says:

    Too bad it’s California. Any civilized state, somebody attacks you with a hammer you drop the hammer on him. Self defense. Problem solved.

  16. Mark Anthony says:

    Freakshow usa

  17. John Diamond says:

    California always enables the criminals over the rights of the law abiding. Aggressive panhandlers, defecating in the streets, drugs, needles crime……..

  18. TreTre Cap says:

    Looks like another victim of Trump derangement syndrome

  19. Miranda Canis says:

    why not take his food deliveries before he gets a chance to grab them?

  20. Jim Hyland says:

    Why is the world divided and in such extreme moral decline? God’s prolonged spiritual judgment has begun, He has given up man to his sin. To learn more, check E Bible Fellowship.

  21. Ashley Maurer says:

    The guy is screaming at his neighbor calling him a ‘scientologist pedophile’…..saying ‘you’re gonna be on death row’… my question is… the guy hes screaming at an actual pedophile? Is that why this man is there screaming at him?

  22. Pat Denoli says:

    Options for him to come out or get him to let the police in:
    1. Move his food down the hallway and wait. He’ll come out eventually.
    2. Board up his door and wait for him to call someone to open it up.
    3. Fire drill?
    4. Turn off the water and wait for a service call.

    This isn’t hard, but nobody wants to do anything until he maims someone.

  23. A dangerous psychopath has more rights than his innocent victims. The police cannot go in and arrest him. Welcome to California.

  24. Sal Monela says:

    Yep, sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic to me. These people can be very dangerous! Years ago these people could be put away, but thanks to liberal pressure of “human rights”, the laws were changed and they live among us. Many of the mass shootings and mayhem are the result.

  25. Santa Monica Rent Control, Section 1806. Eviction: The tenant has continued, after written notice to cease, to commit or expressly permit a nuisance in, or cause substantial damage to, the controlled rental unit, or to create a substantial interference with the comfort, safety, or enjoyment of the landlord or other occupants or neighbors of the same.

    The renters need to get a lawsuit going against the landlord for not following the city ordinance, and then legally force the police to get him out of there. It’s absurd that this maniac is able to hold those poor people hostage.

  26. Jody Mascis says:

    Mark Yaskoweak was taken into custody on 05/15/2019 with the help of security guard Sunny. Mark stole Sunny’s cell phone from him in addition to death threats, screaming the N word at him and threatening him with a hammer.

    We have started a GoFundMe campaign to help Sunny buy a new and better phone! Please help Sunny out at……3658d2

  27. Salvator Jenkins says:

    tell sunnyboy to get a REAL job =) those women dont look too all there to make such comments such as ‘rape???” WOWWWWW=”better be able to prove those charges n statements” ladies…i smell a lawsuit brewing esp if those CAN NOT be proven…just a word-to-the-not-so-wise =)be careful since others are watching too =)im stunned no so called “professional” ie doctor reached out to this guy but hey claim the title tho as “doctor”and say im a doctor look at me,as most do…. hey way to go mental health “youre doing a heck of a job”

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