LONG BEACH (CBSLA) โ€”ย A woman and five of her dogs were killed after a suspect crashed at the end of a police pursuit in Long Beach on Tuesday.

The pursuit began at about 11:30 a.m. around Broadway and Alamitos and ended in the violent crash at Third and Temple.

Police say the suspect, Javier Oliverez, 43, is a local gang member and was hospitalized in unknown condition.

The vehicle was reported stolen the night before so Long Beach police attempted to stop the driver before the pursuit began.

The woman was identified by her family as Jessica Bingaman. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Out of Bingaman’s six dogs, only one survived.

Jessie, as she went by, was a professional dog walker and was reportedly heading to a dog park when the crash happened. Bingaman leaves behind a 10-year-old daughter.

Oliverez was booked on felony DUI, manslaughter and evading police.

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  1. Jose Washington says:

    Very sad about the dogs.

  2. Which proposition do we have blame OURSELVES for this!!! Prop 57? Prop47? Wake up people!

  3. Richard John Stacy says:

    The universe is full of greatness, beauty, kindness, love, understanding, virtue, pride, opportunity, bravery, friendship, loyalty… and then there are Democrats. PLEASE vote Republican and put an end to this madness of catch and release.

    1. Oh just stop. If you think the modern Republican party has any virtue left, you’re deluded beyond belief. And that has zero to do with the story, too.

  4. Susan Schaben says:

    May God bless this woman’s family as they cope with this tragedy. Police should never chase criminals over stolen property. Prayers to her daughter.

    1. That’s brilliant. Let’s just give criminals a free pass. What do you think will happen to the crime rate then? What if they just killed someone & are dangerous? Just let them go and do it again? You must be a “progressive”.

  5. Holly Mathieson Johnson says:

    When is this madness going to stop??? There are stories like this in the news every day! Felons fleeing from the police putting the lives of innocents at risk. My heart breaks for this woman and her family and all the pet owners. Horrific!

    1. Anne McGuire says:

      It will happen when we get rid of the so called progressive movement that is regressing us backwards to the wild west…

  6. Wow, this channels news went out of their way, trying not to point out that this is an illegal Immigrant deported several times now and is in this area because of the sanctuary state bs! https://www.wzzm13.com/article/news/two-men-deported-numerous-times-among-those-charged-with-felony-reentry/69-571087968

  7. Angela Meylor says:

    wonder if he was here illegally?

  8. Every single death resulting from an illegal alien given sanctuary in “sanctuary city” can be directly attributed to those who have enabled this conduct.

    Immigration must be legal, it must be fair to those processing legally throughout the world and we CANNOT accept illegal aliens with a history of criminal behavior to be allowed to perpetrate further crime at will upon the body politic.


    Somebody needs to sue the enablers so doggone hard and for so much money their mama’s will cry.

  9. Good old California. Stop with your fake tears for this woman. You did this to her, and you have no remorse about it. Why doesn’t this article state he’s a multiple deported illegal immigrant?

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