JURUPA VALLEY (CBSLA) — When no one would adopt a special needs pit bull who had been at an animal shelter in Jurupa Valley for a long time, country music singer Clare Dunn took matters into her own hands.

The Nashville star booked a flight to Los Angeles, rented a car, drove about 65 miles east to Jurupa Valley, and adopted the dog known as Connor herself.

Connor was considered special needs because he has bite marks on him and a limp. According to Riverside County Animal Services, he had been at the Jurupa Valley shelter for a fairly lengthy period and was listed as a “needs rescue” because of his medical issues.

“I just found Connor online, and this dog just spoke to me,” she said. “When I finally was at my wit’s end of trying to help the dog find a home in this area, I just decided, well, if no one will, I will.”

Shelter workers say Dunn never told them she was a singer. In the video where she spoke about why she wanted to adopt Connor, she wore sneakers, shorts, a black hoodie sweatshirt, and very little makeup — nothing to indicate she was a glamorous Nashville country singer.

But considering her Nashville address and accent, some of the country music fans among the shelter staff realized who she was.


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