LOS ANGELES (CBSLA/AP) — A quarantine order has been issued for hundreds of students and staff at two major Los Angeles universities – the University of California, Los Angeles, and California State University Los Angeles — who may have been exposed to measles and either have not been vaccinated or cannot verify that they have immunity.

UCLA reported that, as of Wednesday, there were 119 students and 8 faculty members were ordered to avoid contact with others. However, by Friday morning than number had fallen, with less than 50 staff and students yet to prove their immunization status. One student remained quarantined on campus.

L.A. County Department of Public Health officials hold a news conference to announce quarantines at UCLA and Cal State L.A. due to a measles outbreak. April 25, 2019. (CBS2)

As of Friday, it was reported that 875 staff and students at Cal State L.A. could have been exposed to the measles virus, with 183 people quarantined.

At UCLA, there were reportedly 853 staff and students that could have been exposed, with 46 people quarantined.

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block announced the quarantines in a statement that confirmed one UCLA student has contracted measles.

“We were also informed that the student had attended classes at Franz Hall and Boelter Hall on three days — April 2, 4 and 9 — while contagious. The student did not enter any other buildings while on campus,” Block wrote.

“Dozens” of such orders were issued for students and staff who were in the CSULA Library North on April 11 between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., officials said at a news conference Thursday afternoon.

The L.A. County Department of Public Health “has determined that there is no known current risk related to measles at the library at this time,” Cal State L.A. wrote in a statement.

Any student who has been exposed to a confirmed case of measles who could not provide evidence of two doses of measles immunizations or lab verified immunity to measles will be issued a health officer order for quarantine, which mandates the exposed person to remain at their residence.

The quarantined person is also required to notify county health officials if they develop symptoms of measles, and to avoid contact with others until the end of their quarantine period or until they provide evidence of immunity.

Quarantine for measles can be up to 21 days from the date of last exposure, at which time the exposed person is no longer a risk for developing the disease and spreading measles to others.

“Both universities are assisting with the implementation of quarantine orders and determining how best to support students who must be quarantined and who live on campus,” LACDPH said in a statement.

There are five confirmed measles cases in total in L.A. County, at least two of whom were not vaccinated, officials said.

The latest case was confirmed in a person who arrived at Los Angeles International Airport on April 18, traveled through the arrival area of Tom Bradley International Terminal that afternoon, and departed from Gate 37A, Terminal 3 later that night.

State health officials say the number of measles cases is up statewide in California this year and much of the increase is linked to overseas travel.

Dr. Karen Smith, director of the California Department of Public Health, says the state recorded 38 measles cases as of Thursday, versus 11 around the same time last year. She says the state typically sees fewer than two dozen cases a year.

In 2015, there were 131 confirmed cases of measles following an outbreak that originated at Disneyland.

This year, California’s cases stretch across 11 counties – including five new cases in L.A. County – and affect patients from 5 months to 55 years of age.

She says more than 76 percent of patients were not vaccinated or didn’t receive the recommended two doses of vaccine.

Fourteen of those infected had traveled overseas to countries including Philippines, Thailand, India and Ukraine.

Measles symptoms include high fever, a cough and a rash. Health officials are urging people — especially around small children or seniors — to check immunization records. The young and elderly are most susceptible to the virus.

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  1. Pretty sure that’s totally illegal.

    1. Bob Suyak says:


      1. Bob Thrasher says:

        Do you really want to “show papers” in order to have freedom of movement?

    2. Dan Purcell says:

      It’s a dry run to see if Marshall Law will work on a larger scale….Leftist cattle won’t know what hit them.

      1. Martin K Zitter says:

        It’s martial law, not Marshall Law, bozo.

    3. Janice Janes says:

      How about if it was ebola rather than measles?

  2. Read this on Drudge. Then visited http://www.PressCalifornia.com for more non-MSN coverage from California.

  3. Reginald Winthorp says:

    Wow, such discriminatory California schools

    1. Dan Purcell says:

      Luckily illegal aliens don’t have to worry about be unvaccinated…because they are special sub-class that must be treated as special.

      1. Great comment-100% accurate. A protected class indeed.

  4. Lort Bizniz says:

    How about proving that they didn’t? Why is the onus on the students? Why no mention of having Measles previously and having lifelong immunity?

  5. Johann Buk says:

    Its ok if their U.S. citizens, but if they were illegal aliens there would be huge problems.

  6. Sandra Hill says:

    its dangerous to children under 5, how is this a risk to college kids?

    1. Bob Thrasher says:

      They’re probably seeking a big Pharma grant so they need to prove their bone fides.

    2. Andy Ward says:

      College kids don’t go to the grocery store or Walmart or the gas station or the theater or any other public place where parents of children or children themselves may become exposed

  7. Glen Thompson says:

    California – what a basket case! Remember back when there was a real killer out there called AIDS and California did nothing to stop the spread. I remember when I was a kid every single person eventually got measles. It was a right-of-passage. You became immuned. You became stronger as a result. No loss and arguably a bit of a gain.

  8. I don’t see the problem here. Being unvaccinated is a threat to public safety and it is ridiculous that stupid articles like this are even written. If students would do their due diligence and vaccinate it wouldn’t be a problem. A measles vaccine is a lot safer than acquiring the disease because it is deadly.

  9. Richard Forster says:

    Wow. It makes you wonder how harsh they will be if they discover a student is in the country illegally.

  10. Measles can cause encephalitis and put you in a coma. People had better wake up. How they got the ide measles are not dangerous is baffling

    1. Glen Thompson says:

      And how many people in California have contacted encephalitis from measles? What’s that? Zero, you say.

  11. Thoth Al Khem says:

    …….and YOU think YOU are living in a free country……Baaa ha ha ha haaaaaaa….YOU are living in HELL and it is called CALIFORNIA…..CALI= Hot & FORNIA= Furnace……..The U.S. is THE MOST EVIL EMPIRE in the known history of this Planet ! Silly HU-mans…… Calafia and California most likely came from the Arabic word khalifa which means steward or leader. The same word in Spanish was califa, easily made into California to stand for “land of the caliph” خلیف, or Calafia to stand for “female caliph” خلیفه . Why you people don’t RISE UP AND FIGHT shows me the Fluoride has taken your testicles……Americans HAVE NO BALLS anymore.

    1. The quarantine is CDC (federal) procedure. It’s not something specific to California. Measles is a deadly virus and if you are potentially contagious you must stay away from anyone you might infect. From the CDC site: “Responding to Measles Outbreaks
      Prompt recognition, reporting, and investigation of measles is important because the spread of the disease can be limited with early case identification and public health response including vaccination and quarantine of susceptible contacts without presumptive evidence of immunity. Laboratory confirmation is essential for all measles outbreaks.” https://www.cdc.gov/measles/stats-surv.html

  12. James Mahu says:

    According to information from the study presented by California Healthline, as many as 86% of those who caught measles at Disneyland were fully up to date on their MMR vaccinations for measles, mumps and rubella. This means that none of them should have gotten measles, if you believe the official story anyway. Merck, part of the Big Pharma vaccine cartel, has been in Federal Court since 2010 on fraud charges in conjunction with the mumps vaccine. From January 1 to March 29, 2019, there have been 426 mumps infections reported to the CDC. In 2016-2017 there were nearly 12,000 cases reported. For comparison, in 2016-2017, there were 206 cases of measles reported to the CDC. The MMR vaccine should have never been approved. It was never properly tested against a placebo.

  13. John Mason says:

    Didn’t “Fear The Walking Dead” begin this way?

  14. Charles Tomey says:

    Immigrants bring their culture to us.

  15. Mark Lemmon says:

    Submitting to this demand ensures a student body ripe for communist propaganda… Nothing more.

    1. Bob Thrasher says:

      Judging from some of the comments, it’s pretty scary that for such a trivial matter people will relinquish their freedom (well, someone else’s – but just wait ’till it’s THEIR turn).

  16. Peter Quinn says:

    So, let me see if I have this straight. If you are in California legally but you can’t prove you have a measles’ vaccination you are “quarantined” – but California is also a “Sanctuary State” where ANYONE can walk across the US border – with no medical checks or records of ANY kind – and be welcomed with open arms. Do I have that right…?

    1. Julie Dougan says:

      Hay Pete I’m with you. It makes me wonder how anyone could think that Nancy, Maxine, or that Pencil Neck guy ever got elected in the first place.

  17. Steve Hansen says:

    Next thing you know they’ll quarantine students who can’t prove they use condoms. HIV can be deadly you know and these administrators are going to do something about it!

  18. James Mahu says:

    The CDC is corrupted. Dr. Thompson who works at the CDC and is a Senior Scientist admitted to omitting data from a study which showed that autism rates were higher among African American boys who received the MMR vaccination before the age of three. He revealed that the CDC intentionally destroyed data in the study which showed that African American MMR-vaccinated boys under the age of three had a 340 percent increased risk for autism..Also, no one is covering the mumps story—because it will expose the fact that Merck has been in court for over eight years due to scientists blowing the whistle on Merck’s fabrication and falsification of the effectiveness of the mumps component of its MMR vaccine.

  19. Bob Thrasher says:

    State-sponsored hysteria and coersion. Before the vaccine measles was no big deal. Before the vaccine in the early 60’s no more than 400 died per year – and there is always some sort of compromised health reason. Compare that to 250,000 deaths/year from preventable medical mistakes. Which is the greater risk? Let me help you – which is the larger number.

  20. Russell McConnell says:

    The solution to this problem is to raise more taxes and invite (give sanctuary) more beneficiaries to government programs.

  21. sleep walking zombies will say “why is this a bad thing?”

  22. Peter Dornay says:

    Quarantine for a childhood sickness? How about syphilis, gonorrhea and Chlamydia? Dare to publish those rates?

  23. Dan Purcell says:

    I don’t suppose the influx of unvaccinated illegal aliens has anything to do with the spread of measles, mumps, tuberculous…I know, I know, I’m a racist hater for asking the obvious.

  24. Sam Alecto says:

    So will illegal aliens be asked to provide proof?

  25. Gary Johns says:

    How about a quarantine on them until they can prove they are here legally…?

  26. Rich McKeever says:

    Another cost of the democrats importing a new electorate. This just shows that there is nothing that the left won’t do to get power. Allowing in millions of illegal aliens without any screening at all, medical, criminal, background is the root cause for all of this.
    For the democrats to force this threat to the health of our children down our throats is reprehensible when you consider their only motive for it is the garnering and wielding of power.
    When you consider that along with the rampant abuses of power by the Obama administration from ‘Fast and Furious’ in 2009 right through the unmasking of U.S. citizens on their last day in office you realize they cannot be trusted with power. Now we now why they want to disarm the American people and in light of the recent, failed coup attempt against President Trump, just how important it is we never allow that.

  27. Jeanne Prokop King says:

    The elephant in the room is the 100’s of thousands of un-vaccinated children that have poured over the border in recent years, yet the news media continues to blame the “Anti-Vaxers”
    Judging by the number of cases and the way it is so wide spread , you can’t deny that the fault lies with the illegal invasion we’ve experienced.
    Don’t believe it? Then I ask you this….if it’s the fault of the “anti-Vaxers” why haven’t we experienced a n epidemic of this sort in the years prior to the invasion

  28. Michael Wolfe says:

    Where are the sanctuary cities when you need them.

  29. Bill Loyal says:

    Ahh the police state of California “Papers Please” Now its almost SURE they are putting something odd in the vaccines. Something to control us, our thinking.. who knows.. but when the government media machine shoves something down your throat, you can bet its NOT GOOD for you

  30. Patricia Holman says:

    gee I wonder how we got measles back in my sanctuary state after theyve basically been eradicated for years….

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