PASADENA (CBSLA) — After 12 seasons of nerds, science and laughter, the CBS comedy hit “The Big Bang Theory” takes its final bow next month.

The show has made household names of its stars and put the city of Pasadena on a much bigger map.

There are many fans who are obsessed with the show, including many fans in Pasadena where a street has been named The Big Bang Theory Way.

Who knew a group of science nerds talking about quantum physics could be so funny and relatable. For 12 years “The Big Bang Theory” has captivated a huge audience including the mayor of Pasadena where the show is based out of.

“I asked them what do they know about Pasadena and they told me that they knew about Pasadena because it’s where ‘The Big Bang Theory’ was,” said Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek.

The show not only helped make Pasadena popular outside the Southland, but also the California Institute of Technology, where Leonard and Sheldon work.

“The fact that this program humanized the Caltech scientists and made people identify with it in terms of them being regular people with regular problems did not reflect badly on the city of Pasadena,” said Tornek.

CBSLA visited the set and another fun fact about the show: nuclear fuel management. The show hired a physics professor from UCLA to help the writers with the science in the scripts.

The show really made science sexy, made Pasadena more well known and for the last 12 years, made millions laugh.

  1. Cody William Smith says:

    thank god. the worst show on television. if it had a gravesite I’d throw a party right on top.

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