GLENDALE (CBSLA) — A Glendale woman is recovering Wednesday after being bitten by a shark while kayaking in Hawaii.

Kimberly Bishop says she was kayaking Tuesday morning when she was suddenly hit from behind, knocked over and bit in the leg by what turned out to be a shark.

The shark immediately let go and left a bite mark of about 12 inches in diameter on her thigh, just above her knee.

Her husband says he heard her yelling “shark, shark!” and saw a fin near her in the water.

Nearby paddlers helped bring Bishop and her husband back to shore. She got stitches and is expected to be OK, and says she won’t let this incident keep her out of the water.

“I’m still gonna kayak. No, I’m not afraid of going out in the water anymore, and I’m not afraid of sharks,” Bishop said. “This is their home, you know. We go into their home, and things happen.”

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