LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Marijuana may be legal in California, but driving impaired is not.

As CBSLA’s Joy Benedict reports, that’s why there is a new push by AAA and the LAPD on 4/20 to get the buzz out about being high.

“If you are using any drug — cannabis or cannabis product — don’t get behind the wheel of a car,” said LAPD Officer Kamaron Sardar.

Sardar is a drug recognition expert with the LAPD. If a driver fails a field sobriety test, but not a breathalyzer, he comes in to figure out why.

“An elevation of blood pressure may be indicative of stimulants or cannabis whereas a lowering of blood pressure may be more from a narcotic or depressant,” said Sardar.

He checks blood pressure, eye function and pupils — because even just a little bit of cannabis can affect your ability to drive.

“It affects depth perception. It affects memory and concentration,” said Sardar.

In the first six months since marijuana was legalized for recreational use in California, drug-related DUIs shot up 32 percent in LA.

“That’s alarming. That tells us that people just don’t understand how dangerous it can be,” said Doug Shupe, AAA spokesperson.

AAA is leading the charge to remind folks to wait eight hours after smoking and 10 after ingesting edibles before you get behind the wheel.


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