WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA) — R&B singer “Ray J” is on a mission to find his dog.

The artist says he’s worried sick — thinking of almost nothing else but getting his family’s beloved Maltese named “Boogotti” back from a dog snatcher.

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Ray J and his wife and friends have put up neon sandwich boards on every corner in a five-mile radius of the Woodland Hills neighborhood were Boogotti went missing.

They’ve visited every vet’s office, pet clinic and shelter around.

They’re desperate for information that will bring them to Boogotti and they’re putting up $20,000 to get it.

“He’s really quiet. He’s really shy,” said Ray J.

The dog went missing after running from an open door at Ray J’s parents house on the afternoon of April 6.

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He says his dad has seen video from a neighbor’s security camera showing a young man in a Dodge Charger stop and pick the Maltese up on the street, but Ray J says the guy is a hero, not a dognapper.

“My dog is so little to where, you know, coyotes could have got him or he could just been out stranded in the street. So we appreciate the person who seen Boogotti and picked him up cause that really helped put our mind at ease,” said Ray J.

But the singer and his wife won’t completely stop worrying until they get the dog back — they say Boogotti helped bring the couple together and start their dog family of five.

“Before my wife and I got together my wife had two Maltese and so I tried to impress her by getting my own Maltese and Boogotti and I, we just, he was like my little best friend,” said Ray J.

“I miss him. I know that he’s homesick. I know he’s not eating,” said Ray J’s wife Princess Love. “We have four other dogs and he’s our baby, you know?”

Boogotti doesn’t have a chip and wasn’t wearing a collar.

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“If anybody in the Woodland Hills area, you picked the dog up, you gave it to your grandma, you gave it to your mom, whatever. Thank you for saving the dog and putting him somewhere safe. But now we need the dog to come home,” said Ray J.