LAGUNA BEACH (CBSLA) — The Laguna Beach City Council voted on Tuesday night 4-1 to keep the American flag design on the city’s police vehicles.

Dozens of Laguna Beach residents had lined up to urge city leaders not to remove the American flag logo from the police cars.

“To take that graphic off of that car would break my heart,” a resident told the council.

The Laguna Beach City Council initially approved the American flag lettering for its police department. But after some accused the department of being too aggressive and militaristic, Tuesday night the council voted again.

George Weiss, a retired Marine, was one of the only residents who opposed the red, white and blue lettering. Not because he’s against the American flag, but because he respects it. He says it’s disrespectful to the American flag and goes against the federal guidelines that determine how it should be displayed.

“For example, you see a lot of it even at the beach,” said Weiss. “Hats. Bathing suits. It diminishes the value and respect of the flag.”

The Laguna Beach police say that they got hundreds of emails from all across the country supporting the lettering.

Now they have seven patrol cars with the American flag lettering. In the coming days they are going to put the same logo on their remaining four cars.

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  1. Paul Rodgers says:

    GOOD FOR THEM! It is high time to put the “everyone is offended / politically correct” people back in their place. They had their say and common sense won.

  2. With all respect to the retired Marine, that’s not a flag. It’s a color scheme, echoing the flags color scheme, but it aint a flag.

    1. Evelyn Boswell says:

      Red, White and Blue are the respectful Colors of our Nation, Stars show the States in white, Red is the Honor of all who died for this Country and Blue shows our Strength….the only time that the Flag should be saluted is when it Flies high and the Pledge of Allegiance can be done daily…

    2. Mr. Weiss was being disingenuous. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find out what his REAL motivations are.

      1. Luis Martinez says:


  3. Christopher T. Hicks says:

    good for the city council for not caving to the wacko left.

    1. did u even read the article lol? it has nothing to do with left or right, it was a military veteran who opposed it because it does against flag code. y’all so quick to jump and blame everything you don’t like on political parties haha

      1. Brad Kaplan says:

        Babbling liberal gibberish. Nothing more.

      2. If you were actually following this story you’d know the original objections were primarily based on “leftists” type views. Previous articles made it clear concern were expressed by illegal immigrants and others that the logo made the flag “too aggressive”. Also, the red bars background of the flag happened to highlight the letters “ICE” in the logo.

        Following quote is from LA Times……….Longtime Laguna Beach resident Patrick Cannon said that when he sees the new logo on police cars, he sees “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” because the red and white of the flag runs through the capital letters “ice” in “police.”

        “We’re rainbow-sandal-wearing, avocado-eating … surfers and artists, and inclusion is part of our town,” Cannon said. “We do not include our Hispanic community by putting ‘ICE’ on our police cars.”

        I’m glad the council held firm and supported the flag……not leftist views.

      3. Justin Cole says:

        Does not matter. The left lost on this. Your denial that this isn’t the crux of the matter is another left wing tactic.

      4. Sandy Johnson says:

        Bumbpkin much?

      5. Richard T. Riehle says:

        Another with TDS!

    2. Warden Clyffe says:

      Oddly enough…Abigail may actually be as ignorant and stupid as she presents herself to be.

      1. Warden Clyffe says:

        I’ve contacted her employer…as a first step. Dear old Dad is next.

  4. Pat Childs says:

    I like it.

  5. Warden Clyffe says:

    The author of this leftist propaganda piece, and everyone else involved ought to be ashamed.

    Just a cursory mention of the leftist lunatic’s and their outrageous phony grievances that caused this vote…and two paragraphs highlighting one person’s rational opposition.

    This article is purposely skewed to give the impression the opposition is somehow founded on patriotic concerns of normal Americans that love their country.

    Liars…plain and simple.

  6. The federal guidelines that the marine is referring does not apply to artistic renditions of the flag unless he wants them all to draw a couple spot lights along the bottom of the doors to light up the lettering. Federal guidelines do say that if you have the flag out on display all night you must put a spot light on it lol.

  7. Shep Kreitenstein says:

    Well-done, Laguna. Common sense prevails, a rare occurrence in California.

  8. You mean to tell the rest of America that Laguana City Council had a moment of clarity and realized the patriotic colors red, White and Blue are, in fact, okay to display on Police Cars?

    America 1 || 0 Stupid

  9. beefrank says:

    Laguna Beach is MAGA country! Lol.

  10. Three cheers for Laguna Beach!

  11. Shelly Havara says:

    “George Weiss, a retired Marine, was one of the only residents who opposed the red, white and blue lettering. Not because he’s against the American flag, but because he respects it. He says it’s disrespectful to the American flag and goes against the federal guidelines that determine how it should be displayed.”

    I call BS. They are not taking a genuine real flag and gluing it to the car. It’s a decal, it’s a representation. So when people have 4th of July parties are they not allowed to buy all the plates, plastic spoons, forks, cups etc.. with a red, white and blue theme or with stars or stripes on them?

    10 to 1 he is a reg Democrat/Liberal, and I gotta see the registration, lol.

    1. Justin Playfare says:

      “10 to 1 he is a reg Democrat/Liberal”

      You’d win that bet; google “george weiss” “laguna beach” and check out his Facebook page; he’s a Trump-hating liberal, and frankly I’m highly skeptical about his claim of being a retired Marine.

  12. Lou Anthony says:

    Hallelujah! There may still be some sane people in CA who are waking up to the communist party once known as the democrat party and are not going to take it anymore.

  13. Ed Cole says:

    If you are offended or feel “threatened” by the American flag, or the word ‘police,’ then you need to gtfo of the USA.

  14. Ann Williams says:

    Nice to see politicians stand up to the angry Leftist mob for once.

  15. I hope it catches in more communities across the country. Proud of the RED & WHITE and always back the BLUE.

  16. John R. Johnson says:

    I guess the liberals will not be happy until the American flag is replaced by the hammer and sickle flag

  17. If folks don’t like looking at the American flag, maybe they should move somewhere else. This is America and we’re proud of our flag.

  18. bchapman2 says:

    This is America. If the sight of an American flag offends you, why did you come here in the first place?

  19. Buddy Burke says:

    The US immigration experience is now concluding. And not a bit too soon! Because frankly…the quality immigrants have all been found. Once we began to get stuck with 3rd world street criminals, food stamp pioneers, one world leftists and even suicide terrorists the US immigration age had reached its terminal moment.

  20. Brooks Alexander says:

    The wackos and malcontents tried to be “triggered, but they found that the “safety” was engaged — no bang.

  21. Saw this on Drudge. Went to for more real California news.

  22. Mark Glanemann says:

    What a bunch of unpatriotic clowns to cry about American themed letters.

  23. Mike Arvand says:

    anyone “offended” by a flag on a cop car, or offended by a cop car itself. shouldn’t be in the US anyway. Anything we can do to make them leave is good for the area, good for the city, and good for the country.

  24. Bob Suyak says:

    Patriotism is allowed is the real headline, how sick is this?

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