TORRANCE (CBSLA) — A surprising decision in the beating of a man with autism last month that was caught on tape.

The district attorney on Monday told detectives to go back and get more evidence despite the video showing what happened March 22 in parking garage in Rolling Hills Estates.

One of the suspects who was arrested — 18-year-old Korey Streeter — was supposed to be in court Monday in Torrance. Instead he walked out of a holding cell a free man with no charges filed yet.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detectives say that the cell phone video shows Streeter along with Declan Bell-Wilson, also 18, pummeling a man that they describe as an 18-year-old who has autism. Both Wilson and Streeter were arrested last week.

Wilson bailed out over the weekend for $80,000 and Street was supposed to be arraigned Monday.

The video shows the victim after the beating standing in his underwear. According to detectives, Streeter and Wilson made him strip.

Detectives say that at the time of the beating, Wilson’s father was the mayor of Rolling Hills. He’s now a city council member.

The younger Wilson is due in court on May 8.

The Wilsons live in the exclusive Garden Gate community of Rolling Hills, where non-residents cannot get in without permission.

No one at city hall would make comments and there were no comments from the L.A. County district attorney’s office after Monday’s decision. The DA’s office said it’s not dismissing the case. It just wants more evidence before going forward.

The victim lives in Long Beach and is recovering. He never told his parents what happened to him.

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  1. Jill Kaufman Barroso says:

    This is total BS if these boys aren’t charged!! I bet if someone did that to them, they would be charged. They should be charged with a hate crime!! So sick of seeing rich privileged ,or famous people never being held accountable, there is suppose to be the same laws for all!

  2. Lisa Bobonis says:

    I think his father should resign. If he can’t manage his family how can he manage a community? And the boys involved with the beating need to be punished–perhaps with years long service in an autistic facility; or simply some form of humanitarian behavioral institution. Apparently they missed that life lesson– Behaving appropriately and with respect. WHAT is going on?

  3. LaWanda Fleming says:

    While the DA is wetting his pants, he needs to make sure these clowns didnt kill that woman in the parking garage or if these clowns have any connection to the girl that was initially arrested.
    He better not mess this up, he has a silver platter delivered by deputies

  4. Yeah, well hate crime applies here. I’m Autistic and this is BS. Autistics are the target of violence, murder and more for being different. And often the abuser finds the sympathy because … parenting an autistic is so hard and more excuses, and so on. To see this and this not be treated as a HATE CRIME is despicable. They are hopefully gathering evidence to slam some felonies on these bad guys.

  5. Elizabeth Stephens says:

    We are watching this L.A. D.A ! We want swift and firm Justice !!

  6. Norma Flores says:

    No. . . . . .

    Nothing is going to happen to them.

    Because they know / got connection with people in high places of Goverment.

    And 20 yrs later we’ll be wondering how psychopaths can get into positions of High Power and

    Think they can do whatever they want . . . .you know coaches on girls teams, Creepy movie

    Mogals, & Yes Creepy Presidents who think constantly lying to the Public is as close to

    Godliness as you can get. We need a Gloria Alred like advocate to stop this kind of Sick

    Stupid Behavior! We need to get this prosecuted to the highest extent the law will allow

    so that it acts as a “Moral Hazard” and make people think twice about ever doing this again!!!.

  7. Tom Hynes says:

    I think you meant “gated community” not “Garden Gate community”

  8. Anne Hatzakis says:

    He’s not JUST autistic, he’s DISPOSABLE because of it. Autistic people are not viewed as being fully human by the rest of the community.

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