UPLAND (CBSLA) — 19-year-old Nathan Shamblin died Sunday after he was shot outside of a baby shower celebration in Upland.

The gathering started as a baby shower earlier in the day Saturday and went late into the night.

Flowers and candles lined the sidewalk Monday on the street where the shooting occurred.

Family friends say they’re still trying to figure out what he was doing at the party and why he was caught up in such violence.

19-year old Nathan Shamblin died Sunday after being was shot outside of a baby shower celebration in Upland (credit: CBSLA)

Ricardo Torres, Shamblin’s close friend, told CBS2, “This is just unbelievable. The things that he did for everybody, he never even thought about himself, he was really becoming someone in the music industry, always being there for everybody, he was my son you know.”

Torres says Shamblin was a young music producer and manager who was quickly making a name for himself in the community.

According to reports, a group of people showed up to the party and an argument quickly turned into a physical fight and ended with shots being fired.

Upland police say officers responded to a home in the 1500 block of North Shelly Avenue near East 15th Street where a shooting had occurred just after midnight.

Upon arriving on the scene, Shamblin was pronounced dead. Three others, all in their 20s, were shot and injured.

Police reported that Shamblin and one other person got into a car after the shooting, drove through Sierra Vista Park, and parked the vehicle at Sierra Vista Elementary School. Shamblin died int he vehicle and the passenger was injured but had not been shot. 

Police say after the shooting two victims were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds and both underwent surgery.

Neighbors in the area are trying to figure out how a peaceful party took such a tragic turn.

Neighbor Cindi Bootman said, “It was a nice baby shower. It wasn’t anything out of hand and nobody was getting crazy, it was just nice and everyone was having fun.”

Police say they are still looking for a suspect, and if you have any information, to contact the Upland Police Department.

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  1. Rod Juan Terrell says:

    Soooooo What did they look like? How can we know who to look for? They must have been people of color because they would have said it was a white man if one had done it. They won’t say the color if it’s one of my people or Latino.

  2. Our steady slide towards being a third world city.

  3. Steve Fraser says:

    “Neighbors in the area are trying to figure out how a peaceful party took such a tragic turn” Drugs. Booze. Grudges. Emotionally unstable, far too easily excitable idiots showing up drunk, stoned and armed. One mumbled word, one careless comment, one stare that lasted too long, and bloodshed ensues. Ok neighbors, we figured it out for you. Time to get back to making Upland less boring and more like the place you left.

  4. Charlie O'Hearn says:

    The best picture they could find of this kid is him flippin’ the bird?

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