HAWTHORNE (CBSLA) – The mother of a 17-month-old child was fatally shot Sunday evening outside of the Hawthorne Police Department.

According to Hawthorne Police, the woman was shot and killed during a custody exchange and the child was reportedly safe and in police custody.

Police say the suspect dropped off his child inside the police station around 6 p.m. before grabbing a shotgun out of his vehicle and returning to shoot the victim as she went to retrieve the child.

Officers have since arrested the man suspected of shooting the victim near the 440 block of 134th Street, not far from where the shooting occurred.

The victim was reportedly afraid of the baby’s father and brought family members along with her to the police department to exchange custody of their daughter.

Los Angeles County Fire responded to reports of a shooting just before 6:30 p.m.

Hawthorne Police Department posted to Twitter confirming a female victim was killed in front of the Hawthorne Police Department station and that this is an officer-involved shooting.

Lt. Gary Tomatani told CBSLA, “The officer that was involved in this incident from the Hawthorne Police Department was in the station doing his regular duties and heard what he believed were gunshots. He went out to the front lobby, exited the front door, saw that somebody had been shot and killed directly outside the front door to our station. That person’s family and friends were pointing out a vehicle that was leaving the parking lot.”

Hawthorne Police later confirmed via Twitter that someone had in fact been shot in front of the station and that an officer was involved.

The suspect drove out of the parking lot and drove towards the area of 133 Street and Hawthorne Boulevard before abandoning his vehicle in a Denny’s parking lot.

In a press conference, Lt. Scott Hoaglund said, “I have 30 years with the department and I’ve never seen anything like this before…Typically a police station is a safe place for people to make a child exchange and I would still recommend that people do that.”

As of late Sunday evening, Police were still processing the scene at the entrance to the police department.

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  1. xxseawulfxx says:

    Shot and killed right in front of your station? Why do you get paid to go to work?

  2. Peter Andrew Nolan says:

    Excellent, I hope to see more women shot and killed like this.

    1. Anna 'Anno' Husted says:

      Wth is the matter with you?

    2. Barbara Hart says:

      Like your mother?

    3. Pat Frederickson says:

      Mommy issues, freak?

    4. Susan Skipper McCoy says:

      you are from Australia you ignorant freak!!

    5. Tina Nons says:

      This c*nt. F*ck off back to your ward.

  3. Andre Jones says:

    … Hope that guy rots in jail, but we need to seriously address that fat mofo in the room.

    Ladies, Why do so many of you choose to have children by these psychopaths?

    1. Erien Rennée says:

      ah. victim blaming

    2. Leanne McKenzie says:

      Many of them don’t show their true colours until they think they have you trapped.
      And plenty of people then go ahead and blame you for not being psychic… like you just did.

    3. Mel Brown says:

      You know abusive guys don’t show up on the first date and say “BTW I will be physically violent towards you and I feel I have the right to kill you if I don’t like something you have done.”

  4. Jared Roddy says:

    It appears to me that this reporting is doing EVERYTHING IT CAN to avoid reporting that it was a Cop who shot the woman at his own station. IS that what’s happening here?

    “Shotgun from his car” – cops carry shotguns in their cars and trucks. “Officer involved shooting” reported at least three times – yet NO ONE ELSE has reportedly discharged a weapon. Custody swap – do people normally do this at the police station or is that where it was because THAT”s WHERE THE FATHER WORKED.

    So what’s actually happening here? Do we have an officer murdering the mother of his child in front of her family? Or some rando off the street? Seems like that shouldn’t be THAT hard to establish.

    And if it IS a cop SHOULDN”T PEOPLE KNOW?!? – so that he doesn’t show up at some person’s door and use his authority to get in and hide?

    Can we get some non-ambiguous reporting to sort this out or is reporting the truth too much to ask of a mainstream news affiliate?

    1. Teri Wehmeyer MacGill says:

      He is not a policeman. You made a huge jump to a conclusion that was not warranted by the information in the article. You could have found that information yourself if you had bothered to look. Here is more information, including the shooter’s photo: https://heavy.com/news/2019/04/jacob-munn/

      1. I don’t know that it was such a jump….this is just a poorly written article that omits some major details. I appreciate you sharing the link to the better story because I was confused as well with them saying it was an officer involved shooting, but no where in this article says that the police shot at him.

        I actually left the article open on my computer from yesterday to see if it would be updated. This is subpar reporting for CBS….local affiliate or not….

    2. Crystal Arroyo says:

      Oftentimes, when there are contentious custodial issues, the parents will exchange at a neutral location (including a police station). It has nothing to do with a cop being the parent, but is because of safety issues or because the parents cannot exchange the children without having some sort of altercation.

  5. Gina Goforth says:

    So the guy basically used the child as bait to get the woman where he could get at her to murder her. But a child needs both parents, right? That’s why many states have automatic 50/50 custody now so there can be an exchange/opportunity like this at least once a week.

  6. Aline Rodrigues says:

    Man kills the mother of his child in front of a police station. There, I fixed the headline.

  7. East fix – stop assuming men deserve any kind of custody in all cases where the mother is fit.

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