HAWTHORNE (CBSLA) — Authorities say an officer was in surgery Sunday after being wounded in a gunfire exchange with a suspect armed with a high-powered rifle in the Hawthorne area. The suspect was also wounded.

Police responded to a call of a domestic dispute with a report that a man armed with a gun was chasing a female. The incident was reported just after 9:20 a.m. in the area of Rosecrans Avenue and Aviation Boulevard.

Upon arriving on scene, authorities located a man who matched the suspect description who had fled into a shopping plaza.

Shortly after, an officer involved shooting occurred, immediately followed by a second officer involved shooting.

One officer, described as a veteran of the Hawthorne Police Department, was wounded in the leg. He was taken to the hospital. Police reported that the officer was “alert.”

At a news conference Sunday afternoon, Hawthorne Police Chief Michael Ishii said the officer had a non-life threatening wound.

The suspect, who was also wounded, was apprehended after fleeing following the officer-involved shooting. Police described the suspect as a man in military gear with a high-powered rifle. Authorities said he was shot in the torso.

The female who was being chased was said to be okay, and was being interviewed by authorities. Her relationship, if any, with the suspect was not clear.

Streets surrounding the area were cordoned off. The public were urged to avoid the area.

Police tweeted out prayers for the injured officer following the news:

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  1. CA. dreaming is becoming a real killer.”

  2. Chris Weddle says:

    Pleased to hear the officer will be alright and no one else was hurt. Once again tho the description of the weapons used makes no sense. There is nothing “High Powered” about the guns described. A “Tec 9” is a pistol, not a rifle. If it had been an “assault rifle”, that concept requires a medium powered round.

    News stories should be as factual as possible on every fact being reported.

  3. Gary Graham says:

    Enough already with the rabble rousing.

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