LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – As a Dodgers fan fights for his life, police are looking for his attacker, and his family is seeking justice.

Attorneys representing Rafael Reyna held a press conference Tuesday outside the hospital where he’s been in a coma since March 30.

Through their attorneys, the Reyna family is pleading for more security at Dodger Stadium.

“This tragedy urges the question of what have the Los Angeles Dodgers done since 2011, March 31st?” said civil rights attorney Carl Douglas.

Last weekend’s fight in the stadium parking lot that left the 45-year-old father of four with a broken skull and on life support. The situation is painfully familiar, his attorneys say.

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They stopped short of announcing a lawsuit, but Douglas has teamed up with David Lira, who successfully represented Giants fan Bryan Stow after he was attacked at the stadium in 2011.

Left with permanent brain damage, a jury awarded Stow substantial damages. Attorneys for Reyna are inquiring about the resulting changes to stadium security.

“The facts between this incident and the Stow case are eerily similar,” Lira said. “Why is it that you have this massive parking lot with inadequate lighting, with inadequate security? These events occur every year, and I think the Dodgers – it’s time for them to put in a security plan and system that actually protects its fans.”

The Dodgers have yet to respond to what changes have been made since 2011. Since Saturday’s incident the Dodgers have not announced any changes to stadium security, and Los Angeles police said before Monday night’s game that they had not added more officers.

Some fans said they have seen a difference since 2011.

“Ever since the last incident, I feel like everything is pretty secure. I mean, we can’t even hang out in the car for a couple of minutes before they tell you to get out. There’s no tailgating or anything,” said Abraham Montes.

Others are urging fans to help police themselves.

“Respect the rules. You can have your fun and your little drink, just control your emotions. Even if we lose, take it like a man and we walk off, but sometimes people instigate it and try to make it more than it is,” said Peter Becerra.

LAPD continues to search for the suspect involved in the fight with Reyna.


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