CHINO (CBSLA) – A vandal appears to be targeting Catholic churches in Pomona Valley, with the most recent attack on a beloved statue at a Chino church.

“This is a place we come to feel safe, to feel God’s presence, to worship with our community,” said Marianne Hacker, pastoral administrator at Saint Margaret Mary’s Church.

She’s guarded the chapel for more than 50 years, the entire time the church has been in existence on Central Avenue in Chino.

“It brings people comfort,” Hacker said.

But on March 30, a vandal trespassed onto the property and delivered a blow that severed the statue in two.

The statue was decapitated on March 30. (credit: CBS)

“It’s like a clean cut,” Hacker said.

The damage made the church recall a strikingly similar crime at another local Catholic church.

“That’s why I’m thinking it was a sledgehammer like they used at Our Lady Lourdes,” Hacker said.

Just a month ago and three miles away in Montclair, a person was caught on camera hopping onto a planter at Our Lady Lourdes Catholic Church and using what appeared to be a sledgehammer to hack the heads off two of their statues.

“Definitely trying to make a statement,” Hacker said.

Saint Margaret Mary’s Church thinks the same person is responsible for both crimes, and now they wonder if the same person destroyed their double pane stained glass window last month.

“It’s a picture also of Mary that was just shattered by a huge, huge stone,” Hacker said.

Both churches say they don’t know why they were targeted, but they’re praying for the person who’s trying to hurt them.

“We’re always willing to forgive, and we’re always willing to help if there’s anger,” Hacker said.

The church says it will be using part of its renovation budget to purchase a new security camera.

Anyone with information related to the incident is urged to contact Chino police.

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  1. It was a mooooslum beheading.

    Eye for an eye, the Bible says.

  2. CJ Appel says:

    CNN headline news if a Mosque,

  3. Bob K. Wahler says:

    If this was a statue of Mohammed, there would be riots, the media would be wall to wall with coverage, and OUR politicians would be up in arms demanding federal action.

    But, it’s only a Christian church that probably has a congregation of LEGAL AMERICANS. So those people don’t really care.

  4. Mark Daniels says:

    Guess she wasn’t an Islam believer

  5. Peter York says:

    it’s the Miracle of Our Lady of the Machete!

  6. Doug Maenpaa says:

    “Diversity is our strength”.

  7. Dan Purcell says:

    Self loathing leftist liberals are so angry, no wonder millennials are having less sex, their TDS is making them impotent

  8. I don’t believe that a moslem did this. The moslems revere Mary (for reasons I don’t understand). I’d guess that it’s either an atheist or a radical Protestant.

    1. Todd Aglialoro says:

      Islam is iconoclastic. Definitely could be a Muslim.

  9. Hagen McNalley says:

    People are nuts. It could be a Catholic who doesn’t like the church.

  10. Stanley Bailey says:

    Likely a mentally ill dumbocrat.

  11. Tony Tads says:

    it still a hate crime.
    but only blacks , jews and kron believers

  12. Joseph McLinden says:

    No person of faith is safe, as America welcomes people from Muslim countries who hate America and but their own, as well as radical atheists. Remember, all great civilizations have failed from within. We have let the Trojan Horse into our midst. Many of these now defaced religious statues have existed in mixed-religion communities for generations. What has changed?

  13. Dave Hardesty says:

    So what else is new in CA?

  14. Hate Crime! Prosecute!!

  15. maybe if they stopped raping kids people wouldn’t do things like this

  16. Saw this on Drudge. Went to for more real California news.

  17. RF Burns says:

    Liberals are a vile and disgusting bunch.

  18. Robert Raulerson says:


  19. Hal Slusher says:

    So was it liberal commies or just your run of Muslim.

  20. Jim Hyland says:

    Judgment began against the corporate church long ago, for its rebellion against God’s word. As the Bible declares; “judgment must begin at the house of God”. To learn more, check E Bible Fellowship.

  21. Bradley Greenwood says:

    Guarding it for “over fifty years”??? Jeez, she must have been a very young child!

  22. Installing motion detection security cameras would have found the culprit. With all the technology available — ccd cameras, motion detection, etc., are not used! Why not? All cemeteries, churches, and city parks would benefit. Even children’s parks and school playgrounds could use these.

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