LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Police are still looking for a man who attacked 45-year-old Rafael Reyna in the Dodger Stadium parking lot, leaving him on life support with a fractured skull.

The suspect reportedly confronted Reyna as he walked to his car after Friday night’s extra innings game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Reyna was on the phone with his wife, Christel, when the attack happened. She told CBSLA in an emotional interview that she could hear someone yelling at her husband, and then heard a loud thump. She remained on the phone as strangers tended to her husband.

The father of four was taken to County USC Medical Center where he was placed on life support, according to his wife.

Rafael Reyna remains in a medically induced coma after being hit in the Dodger Stadium parking lot. (credit: Christel Reyna/UGC/CBSLA)

“I shouldn’t have to go through this, I shouldn’t have to be dealing with this. Whoever did this to him is out there having his life and my husband’s in here is fighting for his,” she said.

Police believe that the suspect, who police believe to be in his 20s, drove off in a white SUV, possibly a Toyota 4Runner.

“It’s very unfortunate that it did happen here and I feel for the family,” said Anna Galvin, a season ticket holder.

Now Dodgers fans are wondering what the team is doing to make sure they’re safe, especially after night games.

“I just feel sorry for him and his family. They need to do something better for security for reasons for people who come out to watch the game,” says Manuel Cruz, a fan who attended Sunday’s game.

Christel Reyna is also left with many unanswered questions.

“We’re a huge Dodger fan family and this is how they treat their fans?” she said through tears.

The Dodgers haven’t said much about the attack only acknowledging that a fight broke out in the parking lot and EMTs were promptly dispatched. The LAPD says security has not been increased at the ballpark since the attack.

A GoFundMe page has been created by his wife to help with medical expenses and she asks anyone with information on the attack to share what they know.

Comments (25)
  1. Eustace Haney says:

    Will the Dodgers ever learn?

  2. Rafael Alfaro says:

    Rafael Reyna I hope you recover fully, my heart goes out to your family as does my monetary contribution .

  3. Gary Griffin says:

    Guess they couldn’t find a Giants fan…..THIS TIME

  4. Kevin Bearly says:

    Need to register and do back ground checks on all non white people.

  5. Mike O'Connor says:

    This specimen of sub-human excrement should be hunted down and handed over to all who are near and dear to the victim. They should drag him to a public place and put in a stockade for a week for anyone and everyone to have their way with him. Then left to die a slow, humiliating, excruciating death.

    There is NO rehabilitation for garbage like this. They are like isis and should be purged from the earth.

  6. Darren Davis says:

    This ain’t the first time.

  7. Carl Mayo says:

    stay out of los angeles

  8. Ronald L. Jones says:

    Just curious, are you a good guy without a gun?

  9. Jeff Johnson says:

    The suspect is a man in his 20s, driving a white SUV. In SoCal that should narrow things down to about a million.

  10. Jon Didier says:

    The Dodgers need to comment on this and not just ignore it. Ban people from the stadium. Limit beer somehow.(I know that won’t happen $$$). The players need to say something on the big screen throughout the game. Escort troublemakers to their cars and ban them from returning. The fans need to record people that are troublemakers and report. Pay for more security in parking lots. That is where this seems to be happening. When it comes down to it….$$$$$$.

  11. Brad Kaplan says:

    Security is great…INSIDE the stadium. But like so many other sports facilities…the parking lots are dark, dangerous places where ANYONE could be attacked very easily from behind rows & rows of parked cars. Stadium management has to get serious. It’s crazy when you leave a game, especially before the “end” of the game…and you realize you are completely vulnerable. It’s a weird feeling. You think “wow, I just left this bright, fun…secure environment and now I’m in “every man for himself land”.

  12. atthemurph says:

    What the hell could the Dodgers do about some criminal fan? Are they supposed to do background checks on all people entering the stadium or something? Even then it will not prevent such occurrences.

  13. Their was an attack, wait their was a a fight and we responded.

  14. Bob Jackson says:

    Is there a ghetto/homeless encampment close by? Well of course there is its CA.

  15. Marissa Lagasse says:

    Get a gun and learn how to use it

  16. Do Smollett and the Nigerian brothers have alibis?

  17. Mark Lazarus says:

    The Dodgers should make a statement and follow up with more lights in all areas of the parking lots – more security – cameras – is they want to – they can video everything.

  18. Chris Philips says:

    My heart goes out to Mr. Reyna and his family. I hope the attackers are caught and brought to justice, but justice is hard to find in California. If he’s illegal, he’ll walk. If he’s wealthy, he’ll walk. If he’s “they” he’ll walk. If he was ever on TV, or worked on Jerry Brown’s campaign or got people to sign an anti-fracking petition, he’ll walk.
    The only way the person who did this terrible thing to Mr. Reyna will face justice is if it turns out to be a middle-aged, white male Christian conservative. Anyone else will walk.
    Justice, Progressive style.

  19. Jim Christian says:

    Knockout game.

  20. Jim Hyland says:

    Why such a rise in violence, divisions and public shaming everywhere at this time? God’s prolonged spiritual judgment on mankind has begun. To learn more, check E Bible Fellowship.

  21. Ariel Miller says:

    This is a tragedy for Mr. Reyna and his family for sure and our hearts go out to them. That said – you and you alone are responsible for your own safety. While reasonable security safeguards should be in place, there is a tendency to want to blame someone in cases like this, and the Dodgers are handy and have deep pockets. How about blaming the perpetrator? And you know what, there are things YOU can do to promote your own safety. #1 might be – awareness – getting off your phone and paying attention to your surroundings. Not blaming Mr. Reyna at all, but might things have turned out differently if his head was on a swivel instead of being distracted on his phone?