LOS ANGELES (CBSLA/CBS News) – President Donald Trump continued his insults against Burbank Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff Thursday night, calling the congressman a “little pencil-neck” at a rally in Grand Rapids, Mich.

“Little pencil-neck Adam Schiff. He’s got the smallest, thinnest neck I’ve ever seen,” Mr. Trump said. “He is not a long-ball hitter. But I saw him today, ‘well, we don’t really know, there could still have been some Russia collusion.’ Sick. Sick. These are sick people.”

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Mr. Trump’s comments are in response to the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller turned in to the Attorney General last week, which found no evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government during the 2016 election.

Schiff is the chair of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee. During its meeting Thursday, all nine Republicans on the committee called on Schiff to resign his post as chair, alleging that he weaved a “demonstrably false” narrative of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“Your willingness to continue to promote a demonstrably false narrative is alarming,” Republican Rep. Mike Conaway read from a letter from all nine Republicans. “The findings of the Special Counsel conclusively refute your past and present assertions and have exposed you as having abused your position to knowingly promote false information, having damaged the integrity of this Committee, and undermined faith in U.S. government institutions.”

Schiff gave an emotional response, reiterating his belief that the Trump campaign committed wrongdoing.

“I think it’s immoral, I think it’s unethical, I think it’s unpatriotic, and yes, I think it’s corrupt,” Schiff said.

The president has gone after Schiff in the past. In November, Mr. Trump disparaged Schiff in a tweet in which he misspelled his name “Schitt.”

The two men also engaged in a Twitter feud back in July of 2017.

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