ANAHEIM (CBSLA) — A bilingual menu apparently set off a customer in Anaheim.

A security camera then caught him going into an all out rant.

In the video the man yells at employees and customers and threatens to call immigration.

Workers tell CBSLA it was very upsetting.

The mix-up seemed to stem from a sign that reads “especial de Viernes,” which means “Friday special” in English.

“We’re not in Mexico. We’re in America,” the man yells at the employee.

He then yelled at customers in line behind him.

The owner of Palapas Tacos on Lincoln says the man could not understand the fish special’s board.

“My cashier was really shaken when he left,” said owner Juan Del Rio. “She was scared. He got in and he was in a bad mood. He was acting aggressive. He was like not having a good day.”

The sign outside is in Spanish but inside the restaurant it clearly says Friday in English.

But even when the cashier pointed that out, witnesses say the man didn’t let up. That’s when Del Rio grabbed his cellphone and took video of the man leaving in his car, saying that he was going to call immigration because the man said Del Rio “is not legal.”

The cook, Ruben Velasquez, said in Spanish that “one works honestly. We don’t take the bread out of anyone’s mouth.”

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  1. Stuart Miller says:

    I am a Scotsman from the US who lives in Mexico. Lots of menus are bilingual here to generate more customers. The free market will sort out most issues. Knowing foreign languages can be beneficial, except for maybe French. I studied French in High School and have never once had occasion to say “Je me rends!”

  2. Bill Loyal says:

    Welcome to the new world, this guy is right, sick of having to decipher menus in Spanish, pushing one for English, getting manuals in 12 different languages.. this is the USA speak English or leave. Liberals better get used to this.. sure its an old fat white guy now, but people like me in their 30s are sick of it too. Its not “white supremacy” its years of being pushed and shoved and now the nation is shoving back

  3. Jim Hyland says:

    Why so much hate and division in the world today? God’s prolonged spiritual judgment has begun. God has given up man to his sinful desires and it is going to get much worse as we approach the last day. To learn more, check E Bible Fellowship.

  4. Edgar Aethelred says:

    I don’t blame the guy one bit. We are being invaded by illegal aliens and our politicians don’t do anything to stop it, in fact they make it happens.
    These illegals are acting like martyrs. Ingrates.

  5. I understand his frustration as our country has become the United States of Hispania. It’s standard now with most companies you call: Press #1 for English; Press #2 for Spanish. La Raza is accomplishing their goals.

    1. Warden Clyffe says:

      That isn’t true. It’s become somewhat rare in the past decade. Were you a smart, capable man, you could readily make that argument without lying.

  6. Sam Katz says:

    As an older white male I repudiate the stupidity of this “customer”.

  7. Steven Palmer says:

    btw, if the Spanish did not rape and pillage the Americas…. then it would be some other language like Aztec…. after all, they are the ones who made the Americas go from Indian (woo-woo-woo Indian) to Spanish.. LOL….

    1. Warden Clyffe says:

      ‘Woo-woo-woo Indian’ is horribly insensitive. The preferred term is Casino Indian, so as to differentiate them from Slurpee Indians.

  8. Michael Martin says:

    Well, if he doesn’t like bilingual menus probably better that he move out of California.

  9. hes nuts making a scene over a taco at the size of him he dont even need tacos or any junk food anyway could loose a few pounds

  10. This is outrageous, a Mexican restaurant with Spanish words on the menu and their ads. We should ask the Chinese and Japanese restaurants to translate their menus too so Americans can order feeling white, powerful and proud of knowing only one language! I’ll be also asking my local restaurants to remove the English translation of the menu and their ads since our official language is Spanish, even though, we have people from many nations living and visiting here.

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