LONG BEACH (CBSLA) — A La Mirada woman, 27 weeks pregnant with triplets, posted a photo to Facebook on Friday showing a photo of her unborn babies bedroom boarded up.

Jessica Kaneshiro wrote that someone broke into her home and stole car seats, carriers, baby monitors, a pumping system, even wipes and so much more.

“You know the violation. That affects you. It also brings the good out of a lot of people when you see something that bad. The next door neighbor came over and he gave them a check. He felt so bad that he gave them a check to help me out,” said Jessica’s father-in-law Tom Kaneshiro.

Tom says his son and daughter-in-law were working on their recently purchased home, getting it ready for the babies, when the home was hit. The security camera hadn’t yet been installed.

If the thefts weren’t tragic enough, Tom is visiting his daughter in-law and son at Long Beach Memorial following another tragedy.

“They were expecting triplets. They were due in May. She didn’t feel any movement yesterday. She was going in for a checkup and they said she had lost one of the triplets. So they’re monitoring right now to see what kind of affect it’s had on the other two,” said Tom.

He says doctors don’t know why one of the babies was lost but the family says the stress of the burglary couldn’t have been good.


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