EAGLE ROCK (CBSLA) — A couple crashed into an Eagle Rock yard and had an impromptu party overnight in full view of the homeowner’s home security video.

The bizarre events began with a crash into a yard just before 11 p.m. Thursday. A white car can be seen hitting the structure a Ring security camera is mounted on, making the video shake visibly.

That wasn’t the last time they hit something in the driveway of this home. Video shows the car struggling to navigate the yard, hitting a few more items, before getting stuck on a sloped lawn out front.

By this time, the homeowner had already called the police, but it was hours before officers arrived.

In the meantime, the couple made the best of their situation and got out of the car, turned up their music, and spent some time on the home’s concrete steps, talking and cuddling. The woman was heard on the video at one point saying she’s above the clouds and the angels, but it’s not clear what she meant.

Officers finally arrived at the scene at about 1 a.m. and told the couple, who were by that time back in the car, they were getting towed. The video does not show it, but the homeowner says the woman was also arrested on suspicion of being intoxicated.

Police say the call was initially reported as an accident.

The homeowner’s long night finally ended after the scene in his yard was cleared, but evidence of the yard party remains – discarded napkins, a McDonald’s drink cup, and a gouged out hole in the grass were left behind.