BIG BEAR (CBSLA) — A bald eagle in a snowy tree in Big Bear is keeping her new egg warm, and could pop out a second egg during a livestream riveting much of Southern California.

The egg was first spotted Wednesday on a livestream broadcast by the Friends Of Big Bear Valley. The arrival of the presumed father prompted the mother eagle to get up, revealing the egg.

Since then, Friday’s livestream has shown the eagle rearranging the branches of her nest, rotating her position, and settling down on top of the egg to keep it warm, then repeating the whole process several times. Another egg is expected to be laid within the next several days

Beyond the tree, perched in a high position, the icy shores of a body of water are visible below. The location of the nest has not been publicized to protect the bald eagle’s nest.

The eagles were spotted mating just before the most recent bald eagle count that was scheduled for Feb. 9. The count in Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead were canceled due to last month’s storms.

The first egg is expected to hatch around April 10.

  1. marlene hessler says:

    Nature’s finest. Note the size of those ‘twigs’ in the next. I’ve had birds nest on my front porch several years. Love to watch ‘flight school’ when the parents pair up to train them. One watches from a neighbor roof while the other nudges them out of the nest and then off the railings and shrubs for 2nd and 3rd tries. It’s a work of art. Love it when they return the following spring for the ‘next generation’.


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