LA PUENTE (CBSLA) – A startling cell phone video appears to show a man snoozing while his car is on autopilot on a busy freeway.

A similar video was posted to Reddit a month and a half before the incident Monday morning.

“We were going about 75 [mph] on the highway, and he was just totally out,” said Seth Blake.

Blake was driving from Anaheim to Los Angeles when he spotted what appeared to be the same Tesla and driver in the Reddit video.

“I noticed the guy was slouched way back in his chair, and I was like, ‘Is that guy sleeping?’ and I pull up next to him, he was asleep. So I asked my fiancé, I said, ‘Take a video of that, that guy’s sleeping,'” he said.

Blake said it wasn’t something he was expecting to see, especially since he was only visiting from Florida with his band, Wage War. He posted the video to Twitter and it went viral.

“We were in his area when we were driving only for about 10 minutes, and he only woke up one time, and kind of like looked around and went back to sleep,” Blake said.

Tesla declined to comment on the video. But according to the company’s website, “Autopilot is intended for use with a fully attentive driver, who has their hands on the wheel and is prepared to take over at any time.”

“He did have his hand positioned into the steering wheel while he was asleep, so I think that it wouldn’t fall off, and that’s what made it possible for him to keep driving while he was asleep. He was applying pressure even though he wasn’t awake,” Blake said.

Tesla says the autopilot function is intended to increase safety on the roads.

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  1. Sure let’s not talk about the idiots illegally holding their phones and taking a video, not watching the road, WITHOUT any autopilot technology to help. KTLA, you guys are so stupid and your anchors are no better than TMZ’s crew. Not giving this sleeping dude a pass, but this is not news and your reporters and anchors not mentioning the illegal act of taking a vide while driving is absurd. Oh and “going viral” should not be a standard. This is not a newsworthy item given all the ACTUAL news happening around the world. It’s woefully shameful, what you’ve become, KTLA.

  2. Lynne Uribe Ross says:

    This is why we can’t have these cars on the streets, what if something happened. What if a accident was in front of him or something came in front of him all of sudden??? Telsa needs to take these off the road.

  3. @Rob…if you have read the article you would have seen that it was his wife that take the video not the driver…

  4. Kenny Bardwell says:

    But did anyone die? No. Then the car did what it was suppose to do. As the tech advances this will be the new norm. Along with reading books, knitting, painting, changing clothes, conference calls, telecommuting, delivering items, sex, and dance raves. Just imagine what would happen if we didn’t come across fire.

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