LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)  — Have you become emotionally attached to your umbrella?

Well, soon you will have to say goodbye to your co-dependency but for at least the next few days, showers are in the forecast and on the horizon.

Saturday was no different. Rain soaked various parts of the Southland.

Meteorologists say this winter has been one of the wettest in years.

CBS2’s Joy Benedict talked to Angelenos who took another day of rain in stride. At least those that came out in it did.

The soft sound of raindrops fell around the Southland most of the morning. From Downtown Los Angeles to the coast, folks grabbed umbrellas and did what they could to stay dry.

“It’s a good day to me, It’s nice and cool except for the wind that’s a little strong,” said Ross Smythe of Huntington Beach.

Surfers in Huntington Beach didn’t mind the rain either — they used it to search out bigger waves.

The runners Benedict spoke to didn’t mind sloshing around in puddles either. Not only did the rain not damper their run, they were glad the precipitation kept some folks indoors.

“I think it’s great. It keeps the path really empty,” said Kai Chang, a runner from Huntington Beach.

The roadways were anything but empty. In fact, some of them were quite messy. With less visibility came the inevitable accidents and spin outs.

Accidents aside, many said they found the wet weather (like we haven’t had enough!?) a nice respite from the heat and sunny skies.

“I’m originally from New York,  so I think it’s a good break from the perfect weather we have out here,” said Chang.

This wet start of the weekend is hardly the only wet weekends of the summer. Today was par for the wet course.

“We’ve had a lot already this year but more won’t hurt as long as it doesn’t flood,” says Smythe.

Eleven and one-half inches have fallen downtown since the beginning of the year. That’s 4.5 more inches than our average for this time of year.

So our super soaking is not all in your mind.

“People who don’t believe in climate change should take a look,” says Tom Kanegae. “I’m used to California this time of year being warm and sunny and summery.”

Don’t fret about the wet. Summer is coming.

Benedict told Kanegae when it’s 100 degrees outside he will definitely long for a day like today.

“You’re right,” he says, “It’s always too much of one or the other.”

  1. Kevin Enkell says:

    “People who don’t believe in climate change should take a look,” says Tom Kanegae. Who?
    why is it called average rainfall amounts and not correct rainfall amounts?

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