LONG BEACH (CBSLA) — Michael Nguyen’s family hasn’t seen him in eight months.

The married father of four went to Vietnam to visit family but he was accused of trying to overthrow the communist government — he’s been in prison ever since.

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The US consulate is the only contact with him. Their last message was in an email a month ago:

“We expect to within the next day or so and forwarding your request for a phone call as soon as possible.”

“When I saw this message, I have hope,” said Nguyen’s wife Helen Nguyen.

Supporters took up his cause this week and the family asked the White House for help before President Trump visited Hanoi for a summit with North Korea. But Nguyen wasn’t freed and his wife is still hoping the White House will work on Michael’s freedom.

“Who knows that behind, behind the closed door, he probably had talk to the Vietnamese government. That we don’t know of,” said Helen.

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Helen Nguyen says her four children haven’t seen their dad since June 20th, 2018.

“From the summer to November, that’s three birthdays he missed,” said Helen.

While Michael is 8,000 miles away in a jail cell, she’s been taking their kids to church to get them involved in activities as a distraction while she prays for his freedom.

“My tears because my kids,” said Helen. “In the daytime, you see them strong for me. But at night, I can tell, they’re crying under the blanket. And hurt me.”

Right now Michael is not allowed to have an attorney. On top of that he cannot take calls from the United States and his only visitors are from the consulate. His wife is hoping to speak to him soon.

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