CANYON COUNTRY (CBSLA)  — As rain continues to fall in the Southland, one particular area of concern remains Canyon Country.

There, many homeowners are looking out their backyards to find their backyards  gone.

Tonight rain fell sporadically  – and concerns have grown ever since the ground there began to give way.

A plastic tarp held down by sandbags is the only line of defense against the possibility of more erosion.

Luis Estrada’s backyard was the first one to crumble. He was one of many neighbors who spoke today to KCAL9’s Jeff Nguyen.

“Every time I see the yard like this it hurts. It took a lot of time to finally get my family a home,” Estrada says.

As the on again, off again rain came down, workers from a landscaping company were on hand — to fire up a set of pumps, if needed.

The generators powering them sit in Kathleen Christman’s backyard.

Hers is one of the six homes that have been yellow-tagged — which means she can’t be inside at night.

(credit: CBS)

“It’s just devastating. It’s unnerving,” says Christman.

She was on vacation when another neighbor sent her text messages showing pictures of her backyard.

“I went ‘Oh my Lord,'” she says.

Over at the Estrada’s, the children’s toys have been crammed into a tight spot.

Their dad is proud of the first home this family has owned. He served eight years in the Marine Corps, nine as an Army reservist – with a tour in Iraq and Afghanistan along the way.

“Finally being approved for my VA loan. And finally being able to get our own home,” Estrada says. To make matters worse, the family moved in less than six months ago.

The affected families have been staying at nearby hotels or with relatives.

The only common ground they have ? No one has any idea who’s responsible for fixing this mess.

“My wife and I picked this house because of the yard. The dogs we have. The kids we have. Giving them room to play. It’s sad,” Estrada says.


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