MONROVIA (CBSLA)  — A real-life wedding crasher walked off with a box full of gifts.

Anthony and Maribel Nolasco were married this past Saturday at the Double Tree Hotel on Huntington Drive in Monrovia.

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But one guest — uninvited — decided to help himself to more than just the buffet.

“He was well dressed in a suit. You would never suspect nothing wrong from this guy,” said Anthony.

The couple spoke Wednesday to CBS2’s Hermela Aregawi about their ordeal.

There is no way of knowing how much the thief got away with but it was likely thousands of dollars in cash.

After the shock wore off, the couple decided not to get angry.

“I did have that initial anger. I just didn’t want it to spoil the good feeling I had during the wedding so I kind of pushed it aside,”  Anthony says.

During the reception, there were two table boxes where guests could slip in cash gifts, greeting cards. At some point, someone realized a box was missing.

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When they looked at hotel security video, they saw the uninvited guest walking out with one of the boxes.

The man is shown walking around, in circles, as he moves in closer to one of the boxes. He eventually opens it and takes out an arm full of envelopes. He then moves over to the second box at the other table. It appears that he’s helping.

“We have guests in line,” says Anthony, “and they were like, he was right behind us. We didn’t even know.”

The suspect moves to the other side of the room. He has his jacket off. He uses the jacket to hide the box of money he steals.

The unidentified man scopes the room, paces for a minute before draping the jacket over the box and calmly walks out with it.

“This is so cruel to do on somebody’s happy day,” says Maribel.

Unfortunately, the cameras outside the hotel weren’t working at the time so police were unable to come up with a license plate. Authorities did tell the Nolascos that they’re looking into facial recognition technology to track the man down.

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If you have any information about the man or the incident, you’re asked to call police in Monrovia.