HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBSLA) – A night of fun ended in an emergency room after a man who is believed to be homeless allegedly stabbed two men at a popular bar in Huntington Beach.

“I felt something on my neck, sticking on my neck, and I went up, and I saw him,” said stabbing victim Brian McCullough.

Police are investigating after the bizarre double stabbing Monday night at The Cliffs, a neighborhood bar and hang out on 17th Street.

The crime scene stretched a mile away to Dog Beach near Goldenwest Street, where police say a woman was attacked by the same man who is accused of stabbing the two patrons watching a basketball game at the bar.

“We’re watching the Lakers game, and we hadn’t had not a clue. He just all of a sudden come up, and shanked [him] in the neck,” said witness Brad Bermingham.

A 70-year-old local man needs surgery for his neck wounds, according to witnesses.

McCullough got 22 stitches in his hand. Witnesses say they recognized the suspect as a homeless man who has been in the area.

McCullough said his attacker asked him for a cigarette outside of the bar a few minutes before the stabbing.

“I was kind of scared, and thought, ‘My god, I’m dead,'” he said. “I thought he pushed so hard and sliced my hand, and I could feel it, there was a hole in my neck. I kept asking, ‘Is my neck cut, is my neck cut?'”

McCullough was able to block the suspect from getting to his neck, but he said the other victim was stabbed at the bar area.

Patrons then chased the suspect down the street.

Huntington Beach police have identified the suspect as 25-year-old Lamont Waters. He has been booked for attempted murder and other charges against the third victim, who used mace to get the suspect away from her.