NEWPORT BEACH (CBSLA) – From Laguna to Huntington Beach, an unprecedented number of dolphins are washing ashore dead or so sick that they have to be humanely euthanized.

“It’s a shock and not happy about it whatsoever,” said Newport Beach resident Eric Fritz. “They’re our friends, are you kidding? I’ve rode waves with dolphins before.”

In the last two weeks, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center says five common dolphins and one bottlenose dolphin have washed ashore. Compare that to just one dolphin last year.

Scientists are desperate to find a cause.

“Anything from viruses to bacteria to toxins,” said Krysta Higuchi of Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

It’s not just dolphins – the number of California sea lion rescues has doubled.

Rescue teams suspect the culprit may be a harmful algae bloom reported off the coast of Newport Beach, fed by runoff from the recent rains.

“I saw how filthy the oceans were after the rain, it was was brown and red. I would not go in there,” said Newport resident Noelle Reyna.

Residents say the ocean’s condition is cause for concern.

“I know there’s a lot of runoff, and when I’m out there, I do see a lot of sub-surface garbage of papers plastic bags, things like that,” said Richard Simon of Newport.


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  1. Ken D. Webber says:

    Toxins? Cut the bullstuffing. It’s Fukushima RADIATION you dumb%$^&*&())_ liars.

    1. Alan Saunders says:

      Spot on, Ken, i was just about to post that same(ish) comment!

    2. Jeff Rouse says:

      I was going to suggest the same thing when I saw your comment. The Japanese have polluted the worlds oceans. The radiation has circled the globe.

  2. At least they’ll no longer despoil my tuna.

  3. Stephen Hammack says:

    Fukashima radiation and geo-engineering is killing all life. Folks better wake up quick!

    1. WaltandMarie Osborne says:

      Near-daily chemtrails. That stuff is falling on the open waters, on children, on everyone in Southern California constantly. Metals, toxins….Chemtrails have affected the weather – adding to drought. They’ve dimmed the sunlight in SoCal. Animal, bird, and bee populations are affected, and yet somehow all of the “environmentalists” and global warming enthusiasts pretend they aren’t there.

      1. Jim Dea says:

        Thank you, WaltandMarie. You are spot on. PLUS they are controlling the weather around the globe bringing catastrophe to all third and second world countries who don’t toe the line for their almighty petro dollar.

  4. Mitch Mucullen says:

    It’s called PESTICIDES Wake up! Look at the trucks on the highway! 18 year olds running around with toxic waste. People see an ANT and want 50 gallons sprayed around the property! Crazy stuff! It’s INSANE what’s happening for the mighty $.

  5. Nita Hiltner says:

    Fukashima, and we will all go this way because nothing has been done to solve this.

    1. Joe Johnson says:

      If you did not know, there is no such thing as a magnet to attract radiation in water. This is very sad situation that happened….as they say: Sh-t happens.

  6. Peter Stephens says:

    The most destructive and largest parasite on the planet, Humanity is destroying all other species at an ever increasing rate. The planet is dying as long as humans are allowed to exist in more then a minimal number. Maybe a 100 million, at most!

    1. Chris Plante says:

      Peter, how do you propose the 7 billion + humans that need to get off the planet do that? I’d love to know your thoughts.

  7. William Ivan Hayes says:

    If anyone thinks to open their stomachs, they will find them stuffed with Plastic as the Dolphins and sea Lions love it like the Whales. and Rays,their starving Brains cannot eat enough of it now

    1. Tony Holmquist says:

      Most accurate comment on the board…

  8. 5 dolphins and youre going nuts?

  9. Peter Holiday says:


  10. Greg Thumm says:

    They should find the cause for certain, but algae blooms are a naturally occurring phenomenon that can be deadly for sea mammals

  11. Harold Scott says:

    EXPERTS??? It is called Fukushima, you ignorant twits!!!

  12. Greg Thumm says:

    Algae bloom (red tide) can be deadly for marine mammals. It is a natural phenomenon.

  13. Jackson Bassett says:

    I love Dolphins and Seals and hate this story. What disturbs me more are puff head boobs that blame everything without real evidence of the problem. Even more angering is the anchors of CBS here that say this is disturbing. Worse than people problems, even though I/we love animals. You know what that does, underestimate the struggles of the US Citizens and Lawful Perminent Residents here in CA and the US.

    The lead stories should be Garcetti lets the citizenry catch 14 or 15th century Typus, that many of you think it is OK for the lazy to live on the sidewalk of Govt. buildings as “homeless”, that the culture of local law enforcement in LA is to let illegal aliens deported 5 times KILL a citizen. The fundamental job of those turds is to protect the citizenry, but they don’t care about most of you reading this. I got tons of these analogies. Don’t be the sickness so many of us can really dig deep on the dolphins and seals many of US think about that too.

  14. Kenneth Henson says:

    A few dead dolphins aren’t going to hurt anything . There’s plenty of them to go around .

    1. Bryn Bailey says:

      Don’t worry guys, I’m sure this coal mine is safe, these canaries are probably dying of natural causes.

      You know, like the 97% of amphibians that have gone extinct in the past 20 years or whatever.

  15. Fukushima radiation I would bet. Keep swimming in it California.

  16. Devak Ananda Das says:

    The water off the So Cal coast has been used as sewage dump for over 100 years. The ocean is toxic.

  17. Everything is fine, oceans are great, climate is doing what climate has always done; it goes up and down and all around. Perfectly normal. See how it’s really cold in LA this month? So don’t worry. Republicans, Trump and the Koch’s know what they’re doing; God’s work. Amen,

  18. Dusty Granger says:

    Fukushima Kill! The MSM and our government covers it up.

  19. Stehr Va says:

    Its on the West Coast so you can be damn sure it is California’s fault. The land of liberals with
    all the big stupid ideas just keep on destroying everything with their stupidity but will jump right up and blame anyone and everything else because as liberals they can NEVER take responsibility for their actions.

  20. David LaPell says:

    The dolphins are committing mass suicide because they realized they’re all living near California. They couldn’t stand the land of fruits and nuts anymore.

  21. Seann Ayers says:

    One word: Fukushima

  22. jmorlife63 says:

    People are exiting California faster than New York City.

  23. Vinny NastyDwarf says:

    Humans for the win! Can’t wait till we can populate and run another planet into the ground.

  24. Saw this on Drudge. Went to for more real California news.

  25. Jack Murphy says:

    If it’s Fukushima the radiation would be easy to spot. Go buy a $35 radiation dose meter and have at it. But be sure to report back that you didn’t find anything.

  26. People exiting Kalifornia is very bad news for other states, very bad. The greatest danger for Dolphins came with Gavin Newsome’s election.

  27. John Oakman says:

    All dat stuff from the sidewalks ,feces, that killing them.

  28. JW Salthouse says:

    MORE of Obama’s wonderful legacy. When Fukushima happened, Obama should have responded seriously to arguably the worst disaster in world history. Instead, he sat on his hands in order to reward the Democrat-controlled California for doing so mush to bring him into power!
    After living all of my life in California, I made the decision to leave in 2015. My REAL (alternative) news sources covered the event, while the MSM covered up the reality of how this radioactive plume would hit California due to normal Ocean currents. Growing up surfing the beaches of San Diego, I couldn’t stand staying in California and watch the Oceans die, while the rest was being destroyed by the Democratic Party’s legacy of Socialistic governance and Illegal Alien Criminality!
    If these people want to save the planet so much, why did they do NOTHING to contain the disaster caused by their “Green Agenda” and their “Clean” Nuclear Energy?? It is because EVERYTHING that they stand for is a lie!!

  29. Big Mama says:

    Mexican SEWAGE

  30. Cord Bauer says:

    Record rain in California means record runoff. No catch basins….it all runs to the ocean.

  31. Matthew Graff says:

    Realize we dumped hundreds of barrels of radioactive materials in 6 to 10k feet of water between San Diego And La back in the 60’s. I wonder if they’re finally leaking?

  32. Lorde Kitchener says:

    It’s not Fukisima or chemtrails, more likely algae bloom. You folks need to make your tinfoil hats less tight and not cut off circulation to the brain.

    1. David Coker says:

      If it makes you feel better to ignore the facts what else matters to people like you.

  33. Good grief. First of all, it’s 5 dolphins. Second of all, I have never seen more conspiracy theories poured out in such a short time as those above. How about we let the scientists gather the facts. It’s just a matter of time that the conclusion will likely be it’s all attributed to climate change and global warming because that myth is attributed to everything ill in the world.
    Patience people, patience !

  34. Ernie Snuggs says:

    Nancy Pelousey took a wicked DUMP while in SanFran… It washed flushed out to sea thru the sewer system and is now polluting the entire Pacific ocean… Poor dolphins are choking to death on the stink!

  35. It is the leaking nuke plant in Japa, Chemtrails, gender-bending chemicals in our every-day health products, and mis-use of our National Security Defense Weather Modification programs to enrich the off shore bank accounts of you know who. We need a Real Environmentalist for President in 2020. If you can help collect signatures for me in 2020 then hel. God Bless, Kyle Get from behind your keyboard; help

  36. Sarah Ceci says:

    Fukushima!!! These are not isolated instances. The Pacific ocean is dying due to tons of radioactive waste being dumped into the ocean since 2011 by the meltdown in Japan. It doesn’t take an “expert” to see the obvious. The empirical evidence is clear as day. Sea life has been washing up sick, more frequent and in large numbers, all over the pacific coast shorelines ever since the Japan reactor meltdown and the reactors are still not fixed! They still continue dumping radiation! 8 years! 8 years of dumping radioactive waste into the ocean by the tons! From California, to Chile, to Argentina, to Alaska and Canada, sick and dead animals! Shame on the press for covering this up. Shame on the governments of the world for not telling the truth! You can not dump cesium into the ocean and expect it not to die! The public better brush up on their math skills and start calculating the half life. The Pacific ocean is officially dead but the the truth can’t be told. Besides, I have combed the beaches in So cal with a Geiger counter so I have seen the levels with my own eyes, yet the press wants to pretend nothing is happening. Shame!

  37. They’ve been watching the news and are reacting to people like Occasional Cortex and other Socialists and Communist Liberals. That’s enough to choke anyone.

  38. Jay Barbieri says:

    It is written.
    Check The Bible for more info.

  39. Nicholas Pascal says:

    Ithink if it were radiation the bodies would be washing up in many places.This radiation would have spread over a very wide area.Isn:t Mexico’s sewerage draining into the ocean untreated.This will include chemical waste as well as other wastes.Sounds like a good possibility.

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