LEBEC (CBSLA) – This winter has been a season to remember in more ways than one along the Grapevine.

From snow lovers who visit seeking an icy thrill, like Rebecca and Rowan Martin.

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“We just wanted to see what it was like to have actual snow falling on your face,” Los Angeles resident Rebecca Martin said.

To local business owners who have been hustling to keep up with the crowds. At Caveman Cavey’s Pizza, manager Airianna Depasco said last Sunday was the busiest day they’ve had in four years.

“It was just really crazy. I mean, our whole dining room was full of people, the cave was. We had a lot of people out the door,” she said.

They’ll take the business, but it has meant a balancing act for workers and employers in the small mountain towns along the 5 Freeway.

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As long as Mother Nature is working overtime, so are they. If it keeps up, regular days off won’t come until spring.

“We’ve had to overstaff. Half the time, we couldn’t even deliver during the day because there was just so much traffic. When it’s gonna take our drivers an hour, we need the help inside more so,” Depasco said.

At Black Coffee Draught House, they’re looking for the perfect blend: too little snow and business slows – too much and business also slows.

“It’s impossible to guess anymore what the days are gonna be like,” said barista Gabrielle McCormick.

For businesses like their’s, the weather forecast might as well be predicting their bottom line: When the winter sun shines and the snow piles up, so do their profits.

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“Last Sunday, for example – one of our biggest days by far – we had so much snow but because the highways were closed, due to the weather, all of the snow bunnies were trapped up here. They came, we had an amazing night,” McCormick said.