DOWNTOWN LA (CBSLA) — A hard-working LAUSD worker was found dead in his car. His family says he was killed by a man trying to earn his way into a gang.

“My son was a hardworking man. A productive member of society,” said Gregory Jones, father of 28-year-old Donte, who was shot and killed Friday night.

Donte’s sister is now begging for the South LA community to help catch a killer.

“To come home after a long day of work and be murdered. It’s not OK. We have to find justice for my brother,” said Tionna Welow, the victim’s sister.

Donte’s family tells CBSLA he was a janitor with LAUSD and had no gang ties but say they’ve heard on the streets Donte’s murder was part of a gang initiation.

“We’ve got to stop all this. They’ve been saying gang initiation since I was a baby, before I was born. They steady killing us to get into a gang and that’s just nonsense,” said Takisha Weeks, another sister of the victim.

Family tells CBSLA Donte was a loving man and there’s no reason why he was killed sitting in the car with his girlfriend.

“We lost our mother at a young age so that made him love hard and for him to be killed for no reason is senseless,” said Weeks.

LAPD didn’t have any new information on the case Tuesday night.

Call police if you have any details that could help solve the case.


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