LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Imagine being able to go from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 32 minutes?

That’s the goal of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (“HTT”).

Over the past several years, Bibop Gresta and his team have come up with a system they believe can deliver.

“Imagine a capsule full of people. You put this capsule inside a tube. You suck out the air from the tube so there is no resistance,” said Gresta, the chairman and co-founder of HTT. “Now you can move the capsule from Point A to Point B at almost the speed of sound using a tiny fraction of energy.”

Gresta says the Hyperloop won’t have windows, but it will have views.

In fact, when created, it will include on-demand scenery through monitors that mimic windows in order to combat claustrophobia.

“You want to see LA at the time when there was the Gold Rush? We can bring you there, or we can bring you in the future, or in the past,” said Gresta.

Gresta hopes to open the first Hyperloop station in 2020 in Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, his team is refining plans for Hyperloop travel here in the U.S.


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