LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A YouTube personality was shot by a security guard Thursday outside a synagogue and Hebrew girls school in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles while live-streaming video from the location.

The security guard, 44-year-old Edduin Zelayagrunfeld, was arrested and booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon with a firearm.

The shooting was reported just after 2 p.m. on the 7600 block of Beverly Boulevard, according to an LAPD spokesperson. The Etz Jacob Torah Center is located at 7663 Beverly Blvd.

The victim was later identified as Orange County transgender woman Zhoie Perez, 35, according to CBSLA’s Dave Lopez.

Perez said the guard was aiming at Perez’s midsection but the doctors told her the shot “was a graze” to her leg.

She was taken to the hospital and treated.

“I’m just taking shots of the thing, he comes up super-aggressive, I’m not looking to talk to that guy at that point,” Perez told reporters.

The shooting appeared to have been captured live on the channel of YouTube user Furry Potato. A earlier video posted a short time earlier showed the cameraman being confronted by the security guard.

Perez says she is part of the First Amendment auditors community on YouTube. They are users who record videos in public, they say, to exercise their First Amendment rights.

The school principal said the whole thing worried her and the students.

“An individual was filming our girls at the school. In the building. The perimeter of the building including all the windows and exits. This caused a great deal of anxiety to both our staff and our students,” said Yehudis Farkash. “During the incident we did try to keep the girls calm and the building was placed on lockdown.”

A man who says he saw what happened said he also was concerned.

“I asked her several times, ‘what are you doing? Why are you taking pictures right in the doorway where all these young girls are?’ It’s a synagogue, like you know. She would not respond. She came and got very close and then far and it was bizarre behavior,” said the witness.

Police say Perez did not commit a crime.

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  1. Freddie Wibbley says:

    Camera WOMAN

  2. Andres Lizarazu says:

    I hope that guard is arrested. Inexcusable to shoot pull a gun on someone over filming, much less shoot them. I hope he’s locked up for YEARS. Inexcusable

  3. Teach your reporter to have some respect when referring to transgender people.

    1. Security guard shoots raving autist and crazy thing. That better?

  4. Silver Diamond says:

    omg KCAL. SHE told you she is a transgender WOMAN. Yet you insist on using the male pronoun? Bigot much? YOUR entire interview was also being live streamed on youtube by another auditor btw.

    1. Scott Conklin says:

      It’s a “he”. Male. Was born male and will always be male. Genetics doesn’t care about your shallow leftist hysteria.

    2. Lkfgjoro Rlkgnsdfuoshr says:

      He can film from the sidewalk legally. That is within the law. The guard had no authority to shoot him, and should be charged. It looked like a possible negligent discharge. Yes it is a little creepy for him to film there, but he has every right.

  5. Brandon Edge says:

    Wow! Immigrants shooting Americans. SMH! A non clearly english speaking person is handed a gun to protect a school, then shoots a videographer. I sure hope kids don’t try recording him! I wonder how the parents feel about having a trigger happy militant around their children? This is disgusting, clear violation of rule of law, and ones civil rights

  6. What is wrong with your reporter? “He prefers to be addressed as a woman…” Then continues to cal her a “he” for the remainder of the report. I think your reporter needs some training.

    That security guard should be fired and charged with multiple crimes. What if his “warning shot” would have ricocheted and hit somebody walking along the street? And he shot a person with a camera. Then he followed her and it looked like he was going to finish the job until a bystander jumped in and told him to put his gun away. He was going to murder her and take her camera to get rid of the evidence of him shooting her, not realizing that she was live streaming the whole encounter.

  7. Jeremy Atwood says:

    Dave Lopez, you’re a disgusting human being, She told you SHE is a trans Woman, yet your less than educated journalism got in the way.

  8. Tony Loro says:

    I don’t know how this guy got a security guard job and was able to carry a gun. He Is obviously from the Philippines he might’ve been in law-enforcement there. Law-enforcement can shoot anyone in the Philippines.

  9. CBS is lying here. There was no words exchanged, the video shows the guard shooting for no reason. This reporter is a liar, he was on scene making up utter BS . See the video. This reporter should be fired.

  10. Charly Hussein Leonid says:

    Security guard did nothing wrong. In the this day and age, security guard was protecting the kids. Remember it was today 1year ago that shooting happened in synagogue

    1. Re: Charly Hussein Leonid comment. Shooting with a camera is not equivalent with shooting with a gun! The woman was only armed with a camera(s). Our paranoias do not trump others Constitutional Rights.

    2. Brad Mannion says:

      Charly you have got to be the biggest idiot on the planet. You say he did nothing wrong???? Let’s see ummm His job is to observe and report and the only time he is allowed to pull his weapon is if his life is in immediate danger. Show me one microsecond of the video where his life was in peril??? You can’t because it never was. As far as the principle is concerned her, the staff and the student’s feelings and overreacting do not trump anyone’s 1st, 5th or any other rights.

  11. Kerry J Ryan says:

    You say here Mrs. Yehudis Farkash Principal, said that the photographer was filming in the building. That is an out and out lie proven by the video. “The Man” asked several times “what are you doing?” Ever heard of the 5th Amendment, the right to remain silent? No one is under any obligation to answer questions from a random stranger. As for photographing the outside etc of the building? ALL LEGAL. The only one who committed a crime here is the guard, He was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. As long as the fear is perpetuated, it will continue. This is a very good example of exactly that.

  12. Joe Anthony Somers says:

    I hope that trigger happy psycho goes to prison for a long time, and snowflakes scared of a camera should stay home because cameras are everywhere!

  13. They changed the video after criticism. But it is still an atrocious article. They quote one witness that says she (Zoe) was acting strangely. What about all the witnesses that were helping Zoe and telling the security guard to put down the gun and go away? What about the security guards threat that he was going to kill Zoe, caught on tape? What about that guards bizarre clothing, and his bizarre swaying back and forth, his inability to speak coherent English, his “warning shot” into the ground, that could have killed one of the students or anyone else?

    Then CBS takes a quote from principle Farkash, where she lies and said that Zoe was filming the girl students. That is not true and was said to defame Zoe and to make it seem like the violence was justified. This guard was clearly mentally unstable and had no business being armed let along “guarding” a school. Why this Temple would want such a dangerous man with a gun around their girls is beyond me but it seems they are just engaged in damage control now and willing to lie to cover it up.

  14. Rick Shelton says:

    Sue that place for all its worth,, That guard is a lunatic, And the people who hired him, Just isn’t much about them a person can say that would be good, Hiring a LUNATIC

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