BEVERLY HILLS (CBSLA) — The Beverly Hills City Council is escalating its war against smoking with a possible ban on the sale of all tobacco products.

If the ban is approved, Beverly Hills could be the first city in the nation to prohibit all sales of tobacco.

The city, home to the world-renowned Rodeo Drive, has already banned flavored tobacco and passed a law prohibiting smoking in all multi-unit housing in the city, which went into effect on Jan. 1. Smoking is now only permitted at private smoker lounges, in designated hotel/motel areas and within the public right-of-way if actively traveling.

Some are concerned about how such a ban would affect tourism to the city.

Art gallery manager Victoria Njau said Beverly Hills is one of those destinations where people across the globe dream of visiting.

“Such restrictions are only going to make people feel like, it’s a such a place that it’s not welcoming,” she said.

It’s still not clear if or when a city ordinance will be introduced.

  1. Phil Konigsberg says:

    As a news outlet shouldn’t Channel 2 cover both sides of the story and have interviewed locals who think banning all tobacco sales in Beverly Hills would be a brilliant idea? Such a progressive move by the City Council would show the world that they are a trend setting city, a step ahead of the rest of the nation – and the world. I’m not concerned so much about the locals voicing their objections as I am to the tobacco industry that will mobilize their top legal staff to attempt to intimidate the City of Beverly Hills with multiple lawsuits.

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